Kill a Kid, Run to New Zealand

Oh look, another little boy who hurt himself to death like Max Shatto did. I don’t want to read another damned word about how people who can have their own children but “can’t” raise them are privileged over those who can afford to purchase someone else’s child, especially if they choose to feed him honey instead of taking him to a doctor, make his care a sixteen-year-old’s problem, blame him and his mother for his own death, and then have the gall to beg for funeral money before bugging out to New Zealand.

And I don’t want to read one word on this blog about how biological parents do this too. They do, and it’s horrible, but adoptive parents are being entrusted with someone else’s child, and that means they should be held to a higher standard. Obviously no parents of any ilk should be allowed to get away with this.

Seven -year-old Seth “ultimately died from an inflamed pancreas and blood disease.” His APs “had issues with going to doctors.”



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5 responses to “Kill a Kid, Run to New Zealand

  1. I am sick reading this. SICK!

  2. Shame!!! Too many for too long.

  3. Reblogged this on The Life Of Von and commented:
    Thank you The SnarkUrch for bringing this to attention. No child should be treated/neglected/abused in this way by anyone. We adult adoptees hold you dear, Seth, may you rest in Peace, safe from bible bashing Christians. Yes, adults who are entrusted to care for the children of others should be held to higher standards. Always.

  4. Lesley Pearse

    for once, I’m lost for words to describe how I feel about this.
    Maybe this young man would have stood a better chance if he’d been paraded on the auction block called rehoming..

  5. Heather

    I am sick to my stomach.

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