“Babies have become commodities” complains baby broker

Kinton, who founded Amazing Grace nearly 20 years ago, says licensed agencies like hers are struggling to stay in business because pregnant women are choosing to give up their babies through independent facilitators.


Look, Lady, we all know why your business is failing: Most women want to keep their babies, and nowadays, they can. The pickings were slim when you started, and they’re slimmer now. And that’s great!

“When I first started, we were pairing 20 babies with forever families every year,” Kinton said. “Now a good year is 10.”

If adoption were really about the children this would, of course, be cause for celebration, not whining. But no: God’s “Amazing Grace” is supposed to benefit Ms. Kinton and her paying customers, not babies and their existing families.

With fewer babies to pair, agencies such as Amazing Grace have fewer families paying to complete the adoptions, which keep the agencies afloat.

The fact is, PAPs want what they want and they want it now, regardless of cost. They always have. I wondered where on earth they learned that a baby is an item to be purchased? Surely it isn’t anything private adoption agencies ever did. Surely Ms. Kinton isn’t complaining just because those facilitators are stealing her money.

She adds that adopting families are vulnerable to adoptions that may not follow all legal protocols, plus there is a danger to the pregnant woman with no guarantee of the health and wellness of the new baby’s home.

Lady, you crack me up. Nobody cares about the pregnant woman. And no woman who relinquishes has anything like a guarantee of a well and healthy home for her baby.

“We have social workers who we know have gone into these homes.”

That’s right, it’s that “one home study makes you the best parents evar” nonsense again.

“If you have a mom here and the baby is going, say, to the state of Utah, we don’t know if anyone has gone into the home.”

Isn’t it IN ter est ing that she mentioned Utah of all states? Utah, which makes it easiest for a woman to relinquish without the father’s knowledge? Pure coincidence, I’m sure. Couldn’t possibly be that Ms. Kinton loses big bucks every time one of her pregnant women absconds to Utah. Obviously, the only reason a woman would got to Utah is to deny her baby a safe home and deny Ms. Kinton’s rightful fees. Sure it is.

Ms. Kinton, you got into this business twenty years ago, which was already twenty years too late for you to be pitching this BSE bullshit. I don’t care about your business going under. I care about the women you’re complaining about having sniped out from under you because you are the one who believes babies are commodities.

Seriously, who do you think you’re fooling?



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6 responses to ““Babies have become commodities” complains baby broker

  1. Reblogged this on The Life Of Von and commented:
    Hopefully many more will go out of the business of exploiting women, babies and those who want to adopt. The American Adoption Industry has always been unethical, exploitative and profitable. It has always been badly run, lacking in standards and self-serving.

  2. I just can’t anymore…..

  3. Cindy

    “…guarantee the health and wellness of the new baby’s home.” Hah! Take a gander at these articles: ‘Committee Approves Removal of Adoption Background Checks’ and ‘States don’t often share child abuse records. And sometimes kids like Jeanette Maples die’.

    These are enough to make any parent who has surrendered, or expectant parents who are (hopefully NOT) considering adoption for their child, sick! They show that there little if any real -guarantee- of a safe home for your child. There is obviously no real effort being made to ensure just that as a law made 11 YEARS ago was never taken up on the national level as the law required. Why? Where is the “best interest of the child” in refusing to do this thing?

    On the page with the ‘adoption background checks’ story, there are several other adoption related article headlines. Would you believe that one or more of those are calling original birth certificates- birth parent records. Say what? SMH.

  4. What Von said… and it’s a profoundly sick society that can’t see the truth of adoption trafficking and profiteering. How can this be 2017?

  5. Reblogged this on lara trace hentz and commented:
    It’s a profoundly sick society that can’t see the truth of adoption trafficking and profiteering. How can this be 2017?

  6. every

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