Adoption Colored Glasses Redux

Just a quickie. Does anyone see a woman and baby “cuddling close” here?

“Spotted: Jillian Michaels and Lukensia Cuddle Close”




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16 responses to “Adoption Colored Glasses Redux

  1. jimm

    The look of disdain on that child’s face is something I’ve been trying for years to master.

  2. maybe

    No cuddling here, that baby is wondering “where did my mommy go?”

    Imagine how the caption would read if this was a photo of a black man with a lily white baby girl. (especially if he was dark-skinned and NOT a celeb).

    • I can’t find my source anymore, but I once read an article about white adoptees in black families. The article said the kids were often approached by white people who were sure they had been kidnapped.

      “Post-racial America,” my ass.

  3. Oh gawd… say it ain’t so.

  4. folele

    She could also be freaked out as to why so many people want to take her picture – I know that would freak me out and make me act more aloof in public, and I’m an adult.

  5. This is so sad. A picture is worth a thousand words. Dragging these children in front of cameras is an added layer of awful.

  6. No cuddling there.The expression says it all.

  7. That poor little girl….. she looks the same age as my little girl who happily fossicks in my shirt for breast-milk…..look at how uncomfortable she feels… heart bleeds….

  8. sundayk

    Nope, that is NOT close cuddling!

  9. Lauri Lee

    That kid looks remarkably well composed for how much teeth are being displayed right in her face. But I don’t see cuddling. Man, that woman has a grip on that kids arm as well. I wonder if this is to pull her closer or to stop the girl from throttling her?

  10. Mara was about that age when she moved from her prior foster home to ours and we look back now at photos that look a bit like that (though she was hungry for cuddling even then) and talk about how sad and scared she looked, and how brave she was to trust us to take care of her and learn to believe that we won’t go away. I hope Lukensia gets to have those conversations someday, but I hate seeing her in the public eye.

  11. Tina

    That baby is not remotely “cuddling”.

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