I Read Adoption Books

I borrowed a copy of Rescuing Julia Twice recently. I will do my best to read and review it, but it’s not easy when the author opens the book

…which is written under her real name about her experiences with her child using her child’s real name

…and which she advertises using a blog with her real name and her child’s real name and picture on it

…with a gem like this:

Author’s note: Out of respect for their privacy, I have changed the names of some of the people who appear in these pages.




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6 responses to “I Read Adoption Books

  1. TAO

    Oh good grief…
    I hope you have something handy (and strong) to wash away the bad taste it will leave in your mouth…

  2. KK

    That made me urch just a little in my mouth. blech.

  3. aw man….. really interested to hear your thoughts on it. I haven’t brought myself to pick it up yet….

  4. I hope those planning to read it are able to borrow a copy like you did instead of purchasing it & putting any money in the author’s pocket.

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