“When You Adopt, You Learn Deep Inside…

“…that everything in life depends on opportunity. So as your Treasurer, I’ll help give people the financial skills to succeed in today’s tough economy. I’ll lead on wage equality from day one. Everyone deserves equal pay for equal work. Teach people how to save money and avoid debt and fraud. A college savings plan for kindergarten kids who need iot most. Because I know in life that opportunity is everything.”

What exactly is it you want to accomplish here, Ms. Goldberg? Pimp your adoptee/s to glorify yourself and adoption, or end adoption as we know it? You realize that actually giving women equal opportunities and equal pay might end adoption as we know it, right?

Right: That’s why you don’t say word one about extending any actual support to young single mothers. They should do a man’s work for a man’s pay while raising a kid alone and stay out of debt while doing it, which they totally can because their leisurely lives allow them plenty of time to attend your proposed financial planning classes. And they have no right to complain about having no baby food now because you have so generously provided their little ones with a college savings plan. (What good is a plan with no money to implement it?)

If they can’t meet your impossible criteria, I reckon vulnerable young single mothers should just hand their baby over to someone who’s been waiting to seize an an “opportunity,” don’t you? Waiting right there in the hospital for the “opportunity” to have newborn plopped into their arms. Waiting for “opportunity” the way a vulture waits for something down there to get weak enough to be torn open and eaten.

PS–I don’t know which of her kids was adopted or whether it was both, but check’em out. They’re in the commercial, all grown up, sitting behind Mommy…and flashing not the least blip of a smile. It’s like their mouths have flatlined.

(Yes, this is old news. Yes, there’s been other old news on my blog today. Yes, I am trying to clean out my drafts folder. Sorry.)



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2 responses to ““When You Adopt, You Learn Deep Inside…

  1. TAO

    I saw that before but never saw the blank faces of her kids – too funny. Can’t see why adoption was even mentioned unless it was to connect the savior stereotype to being a treasurer? Still scratching my head on how folks are supposed to save money, even if women have equal pay considering the middle class is fast becoming the underwater class, not to mention those working for minimum wage – perhaps her tip to them is to sleep in the park and save the rent money?

    I have a slew of drafts too.

    • Amen…to all of that. I see no reason for her to have mentioned adoption, and no idea who she thinks she’s fooling.

      And some of these drafts were so old I had to trash’em. Lazy blogger me.

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