I May Vomit


…in an extra special way. When will this syrupy, patronizing, manipulative crap end?

Whoever invented the term “tummy mommy” should die. But “tummy baby”?! That is a new low.



Filed under AdoptoLand, General Ignoramitude, Jesus Told Me To

8 responses to “I May Vomit

  1. lucrezaborgia

    I’m so sick of this rhetoric.

  2. Heather

    Is she looking at cassette tape or cash?

  3. Sandy

    These infertiles are fucking insane. End of story. They are all going to rot in hell too for all the commandments adoption breaks, including thou shalt not bear false witness. Calling another woman’s baby YOUR baby is bearing false witness against the infant and his mother.

  4. Adopted

    Are they counting cash?

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