Oops, Part One

I didn’t post yesterday. And one reason is, as I was telling a friend recently, it’s getting harder to find really snarkworthy stuff in November. 11-1 through 11-30 used to find my  inbox awash in stories of human incubators, money buying love, god’s duty to cater to the desires of PAPs, and a million other brands of entitlement. This November, my “adoption” alert has resulted in a great many articles that celebrate the adoption of kids who really needed adopting (and, as always, a whole lot of stuff about shelter pets).

Why is that, I wondered? Is society getting more enlightened? Are article authors getting more educated? Or are some people just covering their asses better (saying the things they think they should, throwing first parents and adoptees a bone once in awhile)?

I got my answer this morning, but what do you think? Please sound off in the comments.



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5 responses to “Oops, Part One

  1. TAO

    I think what you say here: “Or are some people just covering their asses better (saying the things they think they should, throwing first parents and adoptees a bone once in awhile)?”

  2. Heather

    I don’t believe society is getting more enlightened unfortunately. I think it’s similar to telling the mother what she wants to hear until the papers are all signed.

  3. I think the same old attitudes are still out there. This organization is one of the worst. They turn my stomach and make my blood boil!! http://www.bravelove.org/

  4. I just started reading about adoption in the last year, so I can’t compare. If it’s better now, it must have been really terrible in the past.

    • Adopted

      Now it’s been professionalized with workshops and therapies and reading lists. My parents got a whitish kid in me then a brown one (the waiting list for white babies as second child was four years long in 1972, how annoying) with no advice at all about race and identity. So I guess at least it’s an improvement.
      Also most domestic adoptions now are out of foster care. As part of the general surveillance and punishment regime for the poor…fail a drug test or send your kid to school dirty etc CPS has huge scope to remove with no trial. Rather than horrible to women in general it’s now part of the vast suffering of the poor.
      And then maybe the fundy subculture bravelove etc puts out a few newborns but not many, and those christian martyrs expect a little respect for not aborting. I must say sometimes I think that if some brainwashed nitwit wants to be a vessel for God’s plan than that counts as a free choice.
      I actually think it’s better now. But the ideological treacle about it is WORSE. In my day at least they didn’t draw attention to it and really I never thought about it.
      Why do so many people (girls) say they ‘want one and then adopt one’ etc ??? Why is it so popular as an idea??? I suspect it has nothing to do with actual adoption but is some kind of statement of ideal for what family or motherhood means.
      And why is it so taboo to say you want bio kids who look like you and act like you? Why is blood a dirty word?
      I’m a cultural anthropologist fyi…

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