Say It Isn’t So

This is garden variety Daily Mail bullshit, right? I mean, it reads like an April Fool’s day article that tries and fails to be funny.

I mean, pretty much every word was designed to be infuriating, right? WHAT THE FUCK EVEN IS THIS?!?!



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5 responses to “Say It Isn’t So

  1. Lara/Trace

    Propaganda swells on the internet with stories like this – it’s still trafficking to me.

  2. That’s how they write stories in UK. Sad, isn’t it? The writing is sad, the glorification of adoption is sad, the pictures are grotesque. My adoptive parents were 40 years old when they adopted me. I can tell you, when I was young, I thought it was normal. But it is not normal. Generation gap is huge, communication difficult, and values very different. Then it is also hard on the adopted person when we are expected to care for our elderly parents.

  3. “He cocoons me”?? So much is wrong with this but I guess life is never perfect for adoptees!!

  4. Ehhh. At least they’re taking older kids? Other than that … hm. I’m really hoping the article has been written by someone totally clueless, and the adopters aren’t the wildly self-indulgent wankers they are coming across as.

  5. yan

    The author is pretty obviously clueless.

    My a-parents are a solid generation older than most of my peer’s parents (and my n-parents). That is not always easy.

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