No, really: Stop. Doing. This.

Here’s another image floating around FB for National Adoption Month.


Fuck David Sitton. Fuck him right in the ear.

One of the saddest things about this patriarchal world is that so many men can feel so much more empathy for an embryo that lacks thoughts and feelings than they can for a living, breathing, thinking, feeling pregnant woman who does not want to be pregnant.



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12 responses to “No, really: Stop. Doing. This.

  1. Mic drop.That is perfection.

  2. Heather

    I love you so much Snarkurchin!

  3. Adoptee

    How can you care so much about adopted children’s pain and not at all about a small unborn baby? No infant is just an embryo, an embryo is a growing infant. Still important, still a human being. You are kind of a hypocrite you know that.

    • I’m not a hypocrite. You’re welcome to disagree, but I am one hundred per cent sincere in my assertion that an embryo is not a baby anymore than an acorn is an oak tree. There’s no such thing as an unborn baby.

      • Adoptee

        Well I disagree with your analogy too. An oak tree produces acorns, the oak tree doesn’t grow into an oak tree from them. But an embryo is a baby, and keeps growing into a baby. I mean seriously how could it look like one at 3,4 months if that is not what it was in the first place? Are you going to deny too that an embryo is not human? That it is not alive at all, because if it wasn’t it would not grow to be 9 months and a newborn baby. Do you know that embryos try to get away from abortion tools? It has been filmed. Ever see Silent Scream? Your views upset me. My adoptive parents forced me to have an abortion and I will never get over it. I know what was inside of me was a human being who deserved to live and who I sadly feel felt pain. This post is going to hurt a lot of people, I just think you should know that ( and yes I wanted to keep my baby that they made me murder btw). I think the adoption system and abortion destroys children and I am against both. I guess I don’t understand why you aren’t but the medical industry lies about abortion to make money just like the adoption industry does you know.

      • Disagree away. An embryo is human, and I guess it’s alive in a sense. But, at least during the time the vast majority of abortions are performed, it is not sentient: it does not think or feel or suffer. (I’m not getting that from “the abortion industry;” I’m getting it from medical science. If you want to take your evidence from things that have been debunked a dozen times over, like Silent Scream, knock yourself out.) Therefore, to me, a woman’s right to control her reproductive life overrides any “rights” an embryo might have.

        I’m very sorry you were forced to have an abortion. That’s horrible. I think being denied an abortion one wants is also horrible (and a lot more likely to result in an adoption).

        If my opinions hurt people, they should consider not reading my blog. I’m not going to change my mind on a topic I have a very strong opinion on because you want to throw guilt trips.

  4. Adoptee

    Fine well, if you think it is just fine and dandy to murder a baby then well, whatever karma the universe gives you (and God if there is one) don’t ever forget YOU DESERVE IT. I wonder too how you would feel if it was YOU getting aborted.. selfish jerk
    And p.s. abortion is not birth control and no person has a right to put what they want over taking an innocent life.

    • If I had been aborted, I would not feel anything at all, would I?

      You obviously [coughcough] hold the moral high ground here, so how about taking your personal attacks somewhere they’ll be appreciated?

    • Heather


      I feel no woman should be forced to continue or to end a pregnancy against her will. I felt bad for the pain you’ve experienced until your very rude and judgemental words towards Snarkurchin.

      Your argument can not be taken seriously at this point.

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