How Dare You?

IIRC, Susan Faludi discovered in an interview she did for Backlash that Randall Terry got the idea for Operation Rescue after his infertile wife took to hanging around the local abortion clinic holding a sign that read “Don’t Kill Your Baby–Give It To Me.” I feel very sorry for anyone, infertile or no, who got married to Randall Terry, but the sentiment drives me nuts. And it just…won’t…go…away. This popped up on a couple of adoption-related FB groups I frequent recently.fuuuuckyouuuuuuuu(It made me so mad I downloaded it under the title “Fuuuck youuuuuuuuuuu.”)

“God loves you and your baby.” Translation: We don’t love you. We think you’re an incubator. Too bad God doesn’t love you enough to fix your life so you could raise your own baby, if that’s why you’re aborting. Truth is, we don’t care why you’re aborting. Women’s lives are never complicated, and certainly not by such easy-peasy little ol’ events as pregnancies and child rearing. Women don’t actually have feelings. Well, women like the wonderful Christian lady in the photo do, but the kind of woman who even considers having an abortion? Pffft. Fuck them. Er, I mean, God loves you!

“Don’t abort!” Translation: Don’t carry on with the twenty-minute, actually-safer-than-pregnancy-and-childbirth procedure you decided on long before you had to encounter our righteous asses on the way to your appointment. Do what we, two strangers who know nothing about your life, want you to do!

“We will adopt your baby!” Translation: Come on, just devote the next several months of your  life to making a human being out of your flesh and blood and bones? Pwease? Risk your health, perhaps even your life, just because we asked you to? Pleeeease? And then give birth and hand over the baby to us? We’ll be your best friends, honest.

“Come talk to us!” Translation: We don’t give a flying fuck about you, but you have something we want. Come on, Girl! C’mere! [whistles] That’s a good girl, who’s a goood girl?

How dare you people, whoever you are? If you think she’s aborting because she can’t afford a baby, how dare you attempt to prey on her instead of doing the truly Christlike thing: offering to help? If you think she’s aborting because she’s alone and scared, or can’t face her parents, how fucking dare you decide this is a situation for you to gain from rather than offering to help? If you think she’s a beloved child of God and your sister in Christ, why can’t you have the least speck of empathy for her and offer to help? How dare you see her as less human than the embryo you believe she’s carrying? (She might be going to the women’s health center for any number of other reasons, you know.)

How dare you expect anyone to give you a baby to raise?

And how dare you call an embryo a baby? You fucking well know better.



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15 responses to “How Dare You?

  1. Lara/Trace

    Your mindstream is working so well – clarity is exactly what is needed with this bullsh*t

  2. I wouldn’t even give those people a houseplant to raise. Wow. Their attitude is so insulting.

  3. Heather

    Your posts are so spot on. I sit at my computer and applaud while reading. Thank you for being you.

  4. And how dare you assume you would make suitable parents for any child let alone an adoptee who will have special requirements due to loss and trauma and won’t come with an instruction manual!

  5. This is disturbingly…vulture-like. Who the fuck hangs around abortion clinics? Do they expect this method to work? Ever?

    • Heather

      I suspect they’re hoping to take advantage of women during a vulnerable time… you know, just the kind of people you want to raise your child.

  6. Athena

    Spot the fuck on. No one owes these people a thing. Let alone control over my body or choice.

  7. Janice

    I’m thinking these two don’t even want to adopt a baby, they just want to have their ugly mugs on twitter and facebook pages. Currently they are crowd funding for the money to adopt, so at the moment, their offer is disingenuous at best. They can’t afford to adopt.

  8. As always, this was awesomely snarky. Anyone who hangs around an abortion clinic to pounce on vulnerable women and ask for her baby upon birth is truly a creepy disgusting & classless low-life. The worst part is how many likes on Facebook this has.

  9. maristeed

    Reblogged this on culchieblog.

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