Yet Another New Name for Entitlement

Remember when it was called the white baby shortage? Now it’s “the adoption gap.” Here’s Ruth Mark, who runs a private adoption agency (because of course she does) bitching all about it like it isn’t what makes her livelihood possible:

“There’s thousands [sic] of infertile couples,” says Mark. “There’s just thousand [sic] in this country, and they are unable to adopt because there aren’t enough babies.”


“You hear people say, ‘Oh there’s so many children to adopt,'” says Mark. “Well no there aren’t. There are not.”

Liar. There are plenty of “children to adopt” who actually need to be adopted, but that’s not what your customers want, is it? The article even goes on to admit Ms. Mark is a liar. But, as always, we get the truth last, and the emotional crap about how so many people deserve other people’s babies soo much first.

Adoption never changes. It always has been and always will be about the newborn infants  poor vulnerable women somehow owe to rich people.

Seriously, will this shit never end?

Happy November, everybody. Once again, it’s going to be one fucked-up funhouse ride.



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6 responses to “Yet Another New Name for Entitlement

  1. Lara/Trace

    You are so right – I’m strapped in for the month

    • I get so tired just thinking about November. But since I’m carrying this angst around anyway, I might as well blog it. What really makes me despair is knowing I’m saying the same thing over and over and over again and that it will apparently never matter.

  2. Nancy Rodgers

    Yikes the month has started again. Does it occur to these Bozos that the shortage means those babies are going to grow up in their blood family? How unfortunate for Ms Mark that her number of “matches” she has managed to pull off has dwindled.

  3. skorupi88

    I find it sad when even the ‘purchase’ says, “Women like you owe women like my mom their babies.” Now that’s spreading the word.

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