Wish List

Assuming you celebrate a holiday of some kind around the time the days stop shortening and start lengthening, and assuming that your celebration includes gifts, what adoptoland gift would you wish for?

I wish for

1) Open records for all, immediately.
2) An end to international adoption. Wanna help a child in another country? Go there. Don’t want to go there? Send money. Can’t send money? Solicit money from others, and/or organize. I don’t care what you do as long as you stop pretending it’s acceptable for poor children who want to eat every day to surrender their names, languages, homelands, and existing family ties for that “privilege.” Every child deserves to eat every day without having to be someone they are not in order to do so.
3) A society that does not champion the nuclear family as the true, eternal, and only way to have a family, meaning any other sorts of families must imitate nuclear families no matter who that hurts or how impossible that is.
4) A society that knows women are just as human as men are.
5) A society that knows children are just as human as adults are.
6) A society that prioritizes humanity over money.
7) An end to pre-birth matching.
8) An end to private adoptions.
9) A living wage for a day’s work.
10) A society without victim-blaming.



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5 responses to “Wish List

  1. yan

    “So say we all.”

    I’m especially behind the rejecting of a narrow definition of family for so many reasons. If there’s only one proper sort of family, I’ve had the illusion of it and the rejection of it, and the rejection of me as an adult who refused to create it.

  2. My adoptoland wish would be to see and hold my new granddaughter and be allowed to be her grandma.

  3. I wish for every adopted person to get the right to get an adoption annulment.

  4. Cindy A.

    No, on the first of the year stuff, but wow, what worthy hopes and goals you list. Nice job… and ditto! and to add to what teddy1975 said, can we extend that to second generation adoptees too? and add to that -No More War-.and to learn the way to true peace.

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