Oh Hell Yes.

Again, no words from me, just this.



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5 responses to “Oh Hell Yes.

  1. NextInLine

    I love that this was in the NYT and I appreciate the article — have been excited about FliptheScript because the constant emphasis on shiny happy adoption makes my eyes bleed. My problem with this was in reading the comments. From the dismissive comments to the trolly observations from those not even in the triad, it reeks of victim blaming and shame. Pah. As a second rejection adoptee in therapy for four years to far, I can assure those “positive” people that the wounds really do run deep, and even the most calloused scar will eventually be picked off. Apparently I fall into the angry adoptee catalogue. Whoops.

  2. Cindy A.

    I’m doing a happy dance. Not the in your face kind. even though I could do that too. More the relieved and celebratory kind knowing this is in the New York Times. I’m astounded and thankful that this heartfelt lived experience of adoption (from other than the accepted chorus) was actually published by a MAJOR newspaper. I have hope that the folks that continually say, “adoption is all good” or the one I get fed, “can’t you find *anything* good to say about adoption?” will maybe, just maybe begin to think more realistically about what it REALLY feels like to be adopted. Maybe more folks can actually –begin to hear– what adoptees are really saying. Hope, hope, hope!

    NextInLine so sorry you have been rejected a second time. How that hurts! I’ll keep hoping too for all the first mom’s and dad’s to find the strength and love to walk into the pain and begin healing so they/we can be there for all our sons and daughters.

    I’m so thankful for all the adoptee voices out there. Your courage gives strength. You all do make a difference. YOU MATTER!
    You’re,…. nah, I won’t say it…. yes I will, you’re (I’m cringing here..) *special*.
    Duck! Run for cover! oh you said a bad word…
    I hope you can take this in the spirit it is intended, from one human being to a fine group of inspiring teachers, and teachers are special.

    ((Hugs)) to you all in this (often not so lovely) month of November.

    Cindy (aka my truth. gonna ditch that. It’s time for being more *real* instead of a false front.)

  3. NextInLine

    Thank you, lovely people. It’s because of these kind of Web sites and responses that we learn to heal. oh, and Snark, there are some good responses too. I just can’t go back and bear to look at any more up the adopted people remarks. But I do love that this was in mainstream NYT. Not just a maringalized adoptee-centric newsletter. And she did a great job.

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