Cinematic Panic

Adoptees and others, please name an adoption- or adoptee-themed movie you love, hate or love to hate.





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14 responses to “Cinematic Panic

  1. Recycle Bin Betty

    A Girl Named Sooner. Saw it as a kid on late night TV and it really resonated. Cried like a fool, and loved it.

    • Discovering Mary

      OMG I totally remember this movie. The scene where they stone her little bird has always haunted me. I saw it as a kid, and even as a child, I understood her desire to be accepted.

  2. There are so many….Meet the Robinsons always triggers me because at the end, the hero decides not to go back in a time machine to see his mothers face as she leaves him as a baby on the doorstep of an orphanage as he determines that who he came from doesn’t matter since he knows who he will be adopted by.

    I hate the “he’s adopted” line by Thor in the Avengers but I have a soft spot for Loki and have a feeling that Loki, the “angry adoptee” will actually end up to be the hero of the whole story in an upcoming movie (much like Severus snape in Harry Potter).

    Juno makes me want to vomit.

  3. Losing Isaiah. The English language is insufficient to the task of describing how offensive that movie is.

  4. Nancy Rodgers

    The disgusting Juno.

  5. jmaria

    I love “Paris, Texas.”
    The dad kidnaps his kid from the adopters so they can go searching for mom who is working as a stripper in Houston. Very satisfying reunion scene.

  6. 77yan

    For a while, I was tracking every time adoption came up as a plot point on TV — I watch a lot more tv than movies at this point in my life. Let me say this — it’s a lot. I stopped the list about a year ago, because I was just tired.

    I think what I hate the most is that adoption is used as a lazy writer’s excuse more often than not. “/SHe’s adopted” explains away difference, rage, psychotic behavior, literal demons in some shows, without the writer or actor needing to do any character development.

    And yeah, while I deal with adoption in so many aspects of my life, you can’t use it to explain me away.

    Sorry, I can’t think of a movie just now.

  7. misbgoten

    Secrets & Lies is my favorite. I like that the people in it are messy and none of the characters are less than human.

  8. Amanda moore

    AI the Kubrick/Spielberg Pinocchio movie about the robot boy substitute child capable of real emotional attachment who then gets dumped. Uneven film with child actor not quite up to the task, but still so good in some ways.

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