One Adoptee’s Truth

Thank you for speaking out, Tarikuwa Lemma.



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7 responses to “One Adoptee’s Truth

  1. cb

    I couldn’t get your link to work. Here is a link to a recent article:

    There are the usual “ungrateful” comments (sigh).

    Btw I don’t know if you ever saw “Mercy, Mercy” (I’d heard about it but never seen it) but the documentary embedded in this blog is about the same people as in that film:

    (from what I’ve read about the actual film, it seems to very similar but the film is apparent about half an hour longer)

    • Thanks, cb. The link should work now.

      I did see Mercy, Mercy. It was just horrible. I can’t find it online anymore, so thanks for the similar documentary. I don’t know whether Fly Away Children is still online anywhere, but I did find a transcript of it.

      • cb

        If you look up the top of the page, you can watch the actual video of Fly Away Children.

        Did you see the follow-up to Fly Away Children? It’s called Fly Away Home and Tarikuwa is heavily featured (her adoptive name is Journey Bradshawe). Here is a link to the video and transcript:

        Near the end, there is an interview with the CWA’s lawyer – what a total and utter tool he is.

  2. Heather

    The link did not work for me.

  3. Thanks, Heather. It’s fixed now.

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