Separating twins is one of those things I had somehow been convinced we didn’t do anymore. I’m so naive sometimes. )-:

Please read Red Thread Broken’s post and watch Twin Sisters while you can.

Twin Sisters + Response.



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2 responses to “Barbaric

  1. If I were the adoptive parents I would offer to take both, and if the other refused i would give my girl to them. The twin relationship should be paramount. Those girls are going to be very angry when they wake up.

  2. Heather

    Thank you for the link. I will watch the video when I have the time for the tears I know I will shed. I’ve just finished reading the comments underneath her amazing post & can’t believe the selfishness of some people. It is almost 2015 and children are still belongings … “All MINE and what I want is all that matters”. Wow

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