No, Payton Won’t “Understand”

The snurchin has very little to add to this article/editorial about the white couple who got the wrong sperm by mistake and are now suing for the “wrongful birth” of a biracial daughter.

It’s not them, you see. It’s their families and friends who just don’t understand

“[Payton] will understand it wasn’t about, ‘We didn’t want you. We wanted a white baby.’ That wasn’t what it was about.”

Then what is it about?



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7 responses to “No, Payton Won’t “Understand”

  1. Frank Ligtvoet, Brooklyn

    Links don’t work, alas

  2. Nancy Rodgers

    Payton will love on top of everything else about this charming story that it’s public for all the world to enjoy with her.

  3. That. too, Nancy. )-:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with their being unhappy about not receiving what they expected and paid for, and I am very glad they intend to move to a place that isn’t 100% white. It’s this blatant lie they intend to try to raise their daughter on that bothers me. Of course she’s going to know she wasn’t what they originally wanted. Of course she’s going to find out she was from “the wrong donor” and is therefore “the wrong child.”

    Shit, all adoptees who were adopted on account of infertility (or via surrogacy or sperm donation or any other technology they come up with next Tuesday) know it: You wanted your very own, naturally-born child. Most people do. You would have had a child by the usual means if you hadn’t had to resort to this, but you did. There’s no reason your child can’t grow up happy and loved in spite of that…unless you, the parents, refuse to accept it yourself.

  4. Heather

    This is so disgustingly wrong. I can’t believe her mother thought this was an “okay” thing to do.

  5. Why so public? Why not shut up and respect the child? Be grateful!!

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