This is not unique. This is happening now. This requires witnesses.

I really thought I had posted this, but no. And I thought I could embed videos here, but I can’t, so you’ll have to take my word for it: You should watch this documentary about the adoption of two Ethiopian siblings. *It will fuck you up unless you have a smaller, colder heart than I do, which is not possible. You should watch it anyway. Everyone should watch it.

Mercy Mercy



*Consider this a trigger warning. If you have a soul, this film will fuck you up. If you’re adopted, and/or have adoption issues, it may well fuck you up in a very personal, debilitating way.  I still think you should watch it–maybe when you feel strong, maybe among people who truly love and care about you.

PS: Please read the comments to this post! My commentors have awesome detective skills, and they’ll find a link you can use to watch this film in some form or another. Thanks, Folks!



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19 responses to “This is not unique. This is happening now. This requires witnesses.

  1. I have seen segments of this film, it is brutal and sickening. trying to watch in its entirety but it seems to be blocked on youtube — do you know where to find a working link? thanks.

  2. watching this feels like watching a child being physically brutalized, beaten, right in front of you. everything in you tells you to Stop this, stop these crazy awful people from doing this to her, help this child before they go too far–but you can’t stop them, you can only watch the abuse unfold. The a’mom is no mother, there is not the slightest mother instinct anywhere in her. What happened to this family, how the parents were outright LIED to, and then brutally turned away again and again when they tried to get information and help, is CRIMINAL. And then the additional misery of their kids ending up with sick, evil a’parents–it is impossible to fathom how the a’parents could visit the same criminal cruelty on Masho that already happened to her once. How this child will ever possibly recover, how she will even manage to survive at all, is impossible to imagine. Everything in the a’mom should have told her to never, ever, ever let that child go — except back to her real mother, which would be the only just outcome, and the only real way to save her. (so much was revealed in the a’parents instinct to shut the parents out, right from the start–this should be a GIANT RED FLAG for adoption agencies, as this shows the a’parents do NOT have the kid’s best interests at heart) Short of reuniting the kids with their parents, it was up to the a’mom to devote her entire life to both kids, to never ever ever give up on Masho or let go, to love her for eternity. She didn’t genuniely love that child for an instant — if she did, she could never EVER have done something so vile and evil to her as to relinquish her, creating the second massive and brutal separation in this young girl’s life.

    Both of these children should be returned to their real parents. This was criminal on the part of the adoption people in both countries.

    There is an Operation Masho page on facebook, working to reunite her with her family. (I don’t know what is being on behalf of her brother at this point.) But something is being done for Masho. Join and donate.

    • The way that woman insists, even as she’s discarding her, that she is still Masho’s mother… It almost literally made me see red.

      • jmrose11211

        it was actually worse than if she had lashed out, if she told Masho, this is your own fault, you’re a bad girl, you’re not lovable. instead she cuddles her and insists “I’m your mother, in my heart you’re my daughter” and all that nonsense.,–and then she abandons her??!! how is Masho supposed to make sense of that??! it’s more damaging than almost anything I can think of. (could she have done it because she was being filmed, and was trying in some absurd way to come off as less heartless? if so, as my 12-year old would say: Epic fail.)

  3. Oh my…I’m at 39 minutes and I don’t think I can go on.

  4. Lauri Lee

    Snarkurchin – I hope you don’t mind me posting this here since it’s fundraising, but since a lot of people feel helpless to do anything when they hear stories like this, I figured this was a way to let people know that there is something they can do to help.

    This is a campaign from ACT (Against Child Trafficking):

    “”Operation Mercy Mercy” is the follow up of “Operation Masho” that had has as goal to provide Masho’s Ethiopian parents with legal representation, as a first step to reconnecting family and child. That project was a succes and will be continued under “Operation Mercy Mercy”.

    During ACT’s visit to Ethiopia, while visiting Masho’s parents, ACT traced many more mothers who lost their children to intercountry adoption in Denmark. None of the Ethiopian mothers understand, that they would legally no longer be the mothers to their children.

    Operation Mercy Mercy aims to continue the work on reconnecting Masho with her Ethiopian parents.

    The broadcasting of the movie ‘Mercy Mercy’ and subsequent media reporting about child trafficking for intercountry adoptions have led to an intense public debate in Denmark.

    The debate is largely controlled by­­­­ adoption agencies, adoptive parents and so-called adoption experts. What gets lost are the rights of children and the voices of the original families/mothers.

    ACT also wants to give about 10 to 20 Ethiopian mothers who lost their children for intercountry adoption a face and a voice in the Parliament in Denmark.

    (Parliamentarians have agreed to arrange a meeting in Parliament)”

    • Hey there, can you share a link to the film? Youtube is showing it as no longer available. Much appreciated!

      • Lauri Lee

        I don’t suppose you speak Danish or know someone who could translate it as you watch? Here’s a link without English subtitles.

        Here’s a really brief clip with the interaction with the adoptive family has with her with English subtitles. Unfortunately this does not tell the story of her parents in Ethiopia which is the basis of the human rights issue here, the dysfunction of the adoptive family is just the icing on the cake of injustice.

      • Thank you so very much!

  5. followed link, it says it is no longer available due to copy right issues..does anyone know where else it may be possible to view it?

  6. Sorry, folks–I can’t find it anywhere anymore, either. )-:

    • I found this link on the fb page of a group called Koroot. Click on the link, then click on CC (closed caption), choose Options. Select “German”, then click above on “Translate Captions.” Click on “Afrikaans” and a drop-down list will appear with English as an option. I watched the first ten minutes — these are very poor subtitles, but I think the general sense of what is going on comes across. As mentioned throughout these comments, this is an absolutely brutal and devastating documentary.

      • Thanks, jmrose! This “works” (the few seconds I watched referred to Masho as “the small machine”). Everyone should see this film; I’m sure confusing translations can’t keep the horror from coming through.

      • one astounding fact: in an interview, the filmmaker talks about how she set out to make a film telling a positive, happy story about IA…it wasn’t until the failures were obvious that she realized her film was something quite different from what she originally intended/expected. can’t imagine that she thought a single minute of any of this was anything less than criminal and tragic…

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