No More Russians

Dear Russia,

Please resume sending your children to America, even though they are sucky and broken and they make us kill them.

Seriously, Russia, we are pissed. You know we’ve always cared more about your kids than you have. Why, we only killed seventeen of the horrible, destructive, FAS-riddled, evil, homicidal/suicidal children you sent. We only put one of them on a plane, and that was only because the insane, destructive child deserved it. We only ditched one pair of tiny baby twins in the street in St. Petersburg. And we only adopted one child for the express purpose of raping her and making kiddie porn…as far as you or we know, anyway.

As articles and editorials in US newspapers will assure you, the number of Russian children we tortured, killed, or discarded is “relatively small,” and you ditch your bad kids on us anyway, so what’s the deal, Russia? Lighten the fuck up and keep sending the product. And get over your idea that you can ask questions about these kids after the sale, because they’re ours now, and we love them more than you ever did. You’re horrible and orphans are dying.

APs and PAPs of the USA

PS–They killed one in Canada toooooo! Why aren’t you picking on Canada?!

**This article gives details on only seventeen cases, but it’s a good article.


Snurchin in: No, the Russian ban was not, apparently, applied for the right reasons–but it could have and should have been. I swear, if I read one more PAP wailing whyyyyy I’ll start dropping spines, and those things take forever to grow back in.

I’ve read so many awful comments about this that I’ve misplaced the link, but my favorite “unhappy PAP with a kid in the pipeline” is the one who demanded to know how she was going to tell her daughter she wouldn’t be getting a Russian baby brother/sister after all. Psst, Lady: If you want people to care about your plight, it’s best to start off talking about poor starving orphans…not you and how tough it will be on you when your child cries. You could at least have started with your kid crying, but no.


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5 responses to “No More Russians

  1. Quesadilla

    It’s still commonly believed that adopted children owe AP a lifelong debt of gratitude. And when the AP is Christian, holy shit. They are the worst. And of course a lot of purchased children act fucked up. They’ve been shipped over the ocean to be someone’s little pawn.

  2. A normal reaction to the pathology of adoption methinks.Great to have you back spined one.

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