Day Three: Bloggin’

Blogging Adoption and Everyday Life. How is blogging about adoption different from blogging about other topics? Do you maintain an non-adoption blog on top of adoption blogging? If so, how do they differ?

Well, this won’t take long… Blogging about adoption is different because I feel paranoid about it. I’ve seen many, many adoptee bloggers get flamed hard for their opinions, and I feel incredibly fortunate that this hasn’t happened to me yet. Blogging about adoption is also starting to feel a wee bit personal now that I’m using these prompts and talking about myself rather than just ranting. Truly, I don’t know how other adoptee bloggers do it. I admire their bravery and their willingness to share the most vulnerable parts of themselves. That generosity has been a support for me over the years. Hell, just knowing one other person feels the way I do about some of these issues has probably saved my sanity.

My non-adoption blogs are pretty much dead. This is the only blog I seem to be able to keep up with to any extent at all, although I posted a lot on the monkey phobia one for awhile.

And that’s all I’ve got, so here’s a picture of a pantsless hedgehog doing yoga.

It sounds so dirty.

“Self-anointing”? Is that legal?



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2 responses to “Day Three: Bloggin’

  1. Marylee

    I am one person who feels like you do. Your sanity is safe. Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

  2. Always nice to be reassured on the sanity front, truly.

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