Here It Comes….

I’ve decided to NaNoBloPo again this year, but I’ll be dialing back the snark to use a set of prompts from Lost Daughters. I’m sure some snark will sneak through, though; I don’t know how to get through November without it.

Already it begins:

My name is Snurchin and I’m adopted, thanks to a “birthmother” who had very little choice in the matter.

How slimy can you get, “not-for-profit” adoption agencies? National Adoption Day was (like everything else about adoption) supposed to be about finding homes for children who need them, not convincing mothers their children will be better off without them.


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3 responses to “Here It Comes….

  1. I could only get through a couple of the “wealth” of propaganda clips they have on youtube. Frightening in 2012 this is going strong.

  2. sundayk

    I don’t watch TV much…do the other day when i saw the “i wonder who my child’s mother (or birth mother or whatever) will be… commercials i was a bit dumbfounded…Yikes!

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