“I’m sure we’ll settle it at some point.”

In the meantime, we’re above the law, because parents desperate enough to ship their kids here don’t ask questions.

The Ranch For Kids has been operating without a license since 2010, and that’s cool, because Jesus: Ranch owner Joyce Sterkel is appealing that order in court, saying the ranch has become part of a church mission and is no longer under the *board’s authority.

Why does the board care? Oh just a few “nitpicky” things like no background checks on employees who are working with children: An inspection that was part of the license application process found deficiencies that included a failure to show the ranch’s buildings are up to code, the lack of a disaster plan, no background checks or commercial drivers’ licenses for employees and no student handbook or statement on the rights of the program participants.

FSM help those kids. I wouldn’t board my cat at an outfit like this.

Ranch officials have previously refused entry to state inspectors […]. Cockrell, a deputy fire marshal, and electrical and plumbing inspectors tried to look at the ranch property in April 2009. Cockrell also asked a law enforcement official along because of what he believed was “threatening behavior” by ranch manager William Sutley.Sutley met them and denied them access to conduct their inspections, the first time Cockrell said that has ever happened to him.

Everything’s fine, though. Just ask the satisfied customers. (No, not the adoptees–don’t be silly. The APs.)

*That’s the Montana Board of Private Alternative Adolescent Residential and Outdoor Programs. What a mouthful.



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4 responses to ““I’m sure we’ll settle it at some point.”

  1. Tina

    Really – and no one has shut it down? I think there are some children that have become so accustomed to institutional life (why that might be is a whole issue in itself) that they cannot adjust to family life. But the answer for them is A don’t adopt them out in the first place and B if you have done the stupid thing already – let them return to the only “home” they know or at the least to an appropriate qualified and inspected group living situation. And yes their adoptive parents are responsible for the cost what ever it may be damn it. (Torey Hanson)

  2. Have you ever heard of this place? I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘problem’ adoptees were shipped here.


  3. No, I hadn’t. What a hellhole! And no it wouldn’t survive me if some of those “rebellious” girls were adoptees.

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