Shut Up, Jillian Michaels!

Shut up shut up shut up.

Motherhood changes your DNA.”

NO IT DOES NOT shut up shut up shut up. Would we find it heartwarming if she said motherhood turns you purple? No, we’d call her delusional and feel insulted she expected us to believe such hogwash.

(I thought I had read something recently about pregnancy changing a woman’s DNA, but I can’t find it again.)



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6 responses to “Shut Up, Jillian Michaels!

  1. Heather

    argh … how do delusional people sleep at night?

  2. On a big, soft fluffy wuffy pink cloud of MONEY maybe?

  3. Oh no, is she raging on about the joys of “motherhood” again? I’m afraid to open a magazine for fear of seeing the sad, lost look on that poor child’s face.

  4. Hey, I haven’t heard that “motherhood changes DNA” but I know that pregnancy, birth and lactation causes changes in a woman’s brain.

    The Maternal Brain; January 2006; Scientific American Magazine; by Craig Howard Kinsley and Kelly G. Lambert; 8 Page(s)
    Mothers are made, not born. Virtually all female mammals, from rats to monkeys to humans, undergo fundamental behavioral changes during pregnancy and motherhood. What was once a largely self-directed organism devoted to its own needs and survival becomes one focused on the care and well-being of its offspring. Although scientists have long observed and marveled at this transition, only now are they beginning to understand what causes it. New research indicates that the dramatic hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy, birth and lactation may remodel the female brain, increasing the size of neurons in some regions and producing structural changes in others.
    Some of these sites are involved in regulating maternal behaviors such as building nests, grooming young and protecting them from predators. Other affected regions, though, control memory, learning, and responses to fear and stress. Recent experiments have shown that mother rats outperform virgins in navigating mazes and capturing prey. In addition to motivating females toward caring for their offspring, the hormone-induced brain changes may enhance a mother rat’s foraging abilities, giving her pups a better chance of survival. What is more, the cognitive benefits appear to be long-lasting, persisting until the mother rats enter old age.

    Sorry. Interesting topic 🙂

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