More Positive Adoption Language?

It’s not kidnapping, it’s non-consensual adoption.

The article says “[t]he results of a government inquiry may reunite them with their children.”

Hm. I wonder what the odds of that are? I don’t see Sierra Leone on the list ….Oh, wait, nobody intends to send the kids home, just to maybe let them  “meet” or “re-establish contact” with their parents. Color me surprised.



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6 responses to “More Positive Adoption Language?

  1. The other thing that’s called non-consensual is also abuse whatever you call it!

  2. Chad Rancher

    One of the underlying themes when it comes to the issue of children being adopted under very questionable circumstances, ie stolen/trafficked/and/or fraudulent adoption practices, is the overwhelming sense of entitlement on the part of the US adopters and the US adoption agencies. The agencies soundly (and LOUDLY) proclaim that there is “no evidence” of fraudulent or criminal adoption practices in Sierra Leone. Hey, guys, the biological parents signed the documents with their thumbprints. They COULD NOT READ OR WRITE. Who knows what the agencies, baby brokers, traffickers told them to get their thumbprints. For all anyone knows, the natural parents were promised that their children were temporarily going to boarding school. Bet the adopters tell the stolen kids nightly, “We are your real parents, because we changed your diapers, fed you, etc. Those people related to you biologically are just strangers!!”

    Don’t apologize for any comments on here. You are helping to expose the very dark and evil underbelly of adoption. Adoption is a vile and vicious system which needs to end and will only end when enough thinking and caring people learn and accept the truth…

    • People don’t want to know whether their child was really unwanted. They want to be told a pretty story about how the child is all theirs and beat cheeks back to the USA where they know that will become true whether it’s true or not. Some will outright say they went overseas because they didn’t want to deal with a child’s birth family.

      Or they may say otherwise, but their actions never back it up. I always hear Monty Python lines in my head here:

      “I didn’t know you were called Dennis.”
      “Well, you didn’t bother to find out, did you?”

      If you don’t bother to find out, then you can say you didn’t know and everyone will feel sorry for you, never for the person whose child was taken through evil means.

  3. WTF?? Kidnapping is kidnapping is kidnapping. End of story. If adopters want to dress it up to look pretty they can drop dead. Why the need to rewrite the freaking English dictionary just to make them feel better about the crimes they committ???

    Time to let them know their PAL is unwelcome and an inappropriate use of language!

    • In this case I think the story authors/someone other than the APs chose to call it this, the way the media call people we absolutely know were victims of kidnappings “alleged’ victims when their a’parents are from the USA.

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