Adoption Corruption? We Don’t Care.

A quickie post cribbed from a blog comment because my back is still giving me Hades.

Why do articles about adoption corruption always start by introducing us to a happy family who may have or did benefit from the corruption? It’s impossible for most people to take adoption corruption seriously in the first place–if you doubt me, read the article comments. Seeing photos of smiling babies and then being told about corruption is just the article arguing against itself, and a none-too-subtle suggestion that nothing really need be done.

In fact, it seems to me that whenever *any* change to adoption is mentioned, people panic, sure that even good changes (open adoptions, open records, etc.) will result in fewer adoptions…by which they mean fewer children for families who want them. But adoption was supposed to be about families for children who need them.

Of course no child deserves to be starved (of food or love), but is a home in the US (or France) really the best solution for every hungry child? And why doesn’t the US (judging by our foreign policy, anyway) care about starving adults? Maybe because they’re not cute and we aren’t allowed to/don’t want to take them home?

International adoption is not philanthropy, and it never will be. It’s a purchase.



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9 responses to “Adoption Corruption? We Don’t Care.

  1. I couldn’t bring myself to read the comments, I know what they will be. “A few bad things happened in the US too, but look at all the poor orphans in America who are SAVED by adoption” gag! They overlook what happens here when it’s in their face.
    Are there any babies left in Africa? The rate they are being hauled out to be used as the fashion find of the month I have to wonder.
    No worries pretty soon these kids will be joining us and be snarking up a storm.
    Hope your back is better BTW.

  2. Yes, they’re terrible. I think my favorite one said something along the line s of “Those Africans should stop abandoning their children if they don’t want them adopted.”

    The back is improving, thanks. (-:

  3. I am just doing a link dump for you (way too lazy to hunt for your email addy, so feel free to delete this comment).

    On surrogacy, I thought you might like to cover this horror:

    • I read about this yesterday, and really do need to blog it. Thanks!

      If you’re ever only feeling semi-lazy, you can click over to the FB page and linkdump or PM me there.

      • ah! didn’t see that – even though it is very HUGE!

      • Yeah, I have a widgets problem. (-: I dunno whether to try another theme or what, but my blogroll, which has only one dead link on it, is like that because the only space I found for it was at the footer where nobody can see it anyway. I keep meaning to fix that, but I’m afraid have to switch themes, and I don’t know what will happen when I do.( Also I procrastinate a lot.)

      • Theme-wise, yeah I don’t like this one – skinny post and half the page taken up by two columns of widgets. There are a lot of new templates now, and some similar to this without the annoying bit – twentyten (the default) is similar to this.

        Sometimes the widgets do play up when using new templates – but, you can move them all into the widget holding area (forget what it is called, you’ll see it) and it saves all the settings. Once you have settled on the new template, just drag them into the sidebar area.

        You may or may not have to re-upload the background picture (sometimes you can re-find it in the gallery, if you have very few pictures), and your header may need re-sizing. But other than that! Good to go!

  4. The thing is even as privileged adoptee,which I was/am Idk, had a canopy bed and stellar education and whatnot, I was starved. I still became the dreaded welfare teenmomster, I was starved of myself. My identity and that pretty much sucks in a way I myself would not believe if I didn’t live it.

  5. Oh my that just blew me away. There is such a thing as adult adoption and I think its usually used to get a new identity to clear credit debt or escape the law – there is no legit reason for it. So yeah why are people not going to Africa to adopt 30 year old men or 80 year old women?

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