International Adoption Before and After

I’m still not up to composing posts, so I’ll let these stories, the two currently showing up  most often in my email via “adoption” alert, speak for themselves:

What a cute little Haitian orphan! How wonderful that she was rescued!

What a horrible, undeserving felon. Why, I’ll bet she contracted MS on purpose just to garner sympathy. Send her back to India!

There are no adult adoptees. There are, especially, no adult international adoptees. Adult international adoptees are known as illegal immigrants, and they do not merit USAian compassion.



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2 responses to “International Adoption Before and After

  1. Chad Rancher

    Hi, I like how the article on the Haitian orphan points out that “the requirements for adopting are NOT very strenuous. Typically, ANY single adult or couple may adopt.” I guess anything with a pulse, or a few dollars in their pockets will be suitable as an “ADOPTER.” After all, it’s only a HUMAN BEING that we are discussing here!! What the article fails to mention is what happened to the young girl’s ENTIRE biological family? But, I guess helping them out, giving them some assistance and letting the child grow up in her land of birth wouldn’t work as a money-making busine$$, so let’s just adopt away… JM makes me sick. She really only wanted to save her figure (she said it on TV earlier, before she got slammed for that insensitive comment) AND her career. Adoption is so trendy now, it’s almost like a fashion accessory to carry an adoptee on your arm, just like swinging a Gucci handbag. Hope the poor kid doesn’t end up in a dumpster, or at the consignment store when the “Adopt-a-Haitian-Orphan” trend goes out of style…

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