Portrait of an Entitled White Man

We all know New Zealand isn’t really Middle-Earth. What made Bill Johnson decide it’s the Republic of Gilead? A need that he has, a basic human need, and if his former Miss American finalist wife can’t help him with it, that’s too damned bad for her.

Another article quotes him as saying “reproduction and having children is as basic a human need as eating.” An anti-gay marriage advocate, he apparently finds lesbians good enough to receive his sperm.

I’ll bet not one of the donees has expressed the least interest in sharing an island with him, let alone having him anywhere near those kids, but the articles sure make it sound like he expects to horn his way right into ten or more families. Women’s opinions? Don’t be funny. (I’ll be eagerly waiting to read about how he intends to pay child support on those ten to fifty kids he intends to force loving paternal relationships with, though.)

This man sounds dangerous. Nobody needs him for a father. But at least two HuffPo commentors think he should adopt instead. Because war orphans, unlike kids you make yourself, benefit from being raised by anti-gay misogynist egomaniacs who discard their wives and fly around the world in crazy plots to shove their way into the families of strangers.

To the public, adoptees are always less-than, always things it takes super special love and compassion to scoop up out of the dust, brush off, and carry home. Someone tell me again about how much adoption has changed? I need a laugh.



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6 responses to “Portrait of an Entitled White Man

  1. Mei-Ling

    [Another article quotes him as saying “reproduction and having children is as basic a human need as eating.]

    … what?

  2. No kids here. I wonder when I’ll suddenly up and starve despite eating three meals a day, or suffocate while breathing, or whatever the Hell he thinks happens to childless/childfree people.

  3. Lauri Lee

    I live in Christchurch, which is NZ’s third largest urban centre, strangers here are separated by about 2 degrees of separation. Generally if you talk to any given person long enough (sometimes less than 2 minutes), you are bound to find out who you know in common. Perhaps 3 degrees in say Auckland or Wellington (but there’s a reason why a national phone company here is called 2 degrees), but suffice to say, a man who has donated sperm at least 50 times (even if only 10 result in children) in a short period (a single generation) is probably setting up in a highly promiscuous country (yes, evidently NZ is) a recipe for GSA and unintentional incest. I can’t wait for the news 20 years down the track.

    I recollect seeing in my fb newsfeed from a local friend who posted within the last few months about a raffle for an anonymous sperm donation amongst the LGBT community. I can’t find the post, so I can’t comment whether it was local. I just know the raffle and anonymous part, raised my hackles. I cringe to think that it might be this guy or someone like him. Probably not Bill, as he doesn’t seem to like being that anonymous.

  4. For once words fail me!

  5. Either I missed this or it was only included in another article I just read: “Mrs Johnson had a hysterectomy two years before they married.” But then Mr. wonderful held her daughter’s baby and decided he had to make a zillion of those himself. What a JERK.

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