Try This, Twietmeyers

You want an extra Ugandan, right? Why ask Uganda to rewrite its laws when the judge can rewrite your child’s history?

…to include A Fact, of course.

…because that’s how adoption works.

And don’t forget–an adoption happy ending is when the APs get when they want, not after they’ve raised a well-adjusted, happy child. I’ll bet other parents wish they got that kind of break.



Filed under Adopted And Happy!, Colonialism ROCKS!, General Ignoramitude

4 responses to “Try This, Twietmeyers

  1. Oh god!! And she behaving like a ‘real’ child too!!

  2. I don’t want to even think of the life ahead for those two “chosen children”.

  3. Heather

    That’s horrific. Are we sure this is the year 2012?
    If I keep reading I’m going to need jaw surgery to fix my mouth after all these “jaw droppers”.

  4. Heather, wanna borrow my rivet gun? I’ve had to start putting my mandible back on with a rivet under each ear like the freaking Tin Man.

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