Shut Up, Jennifer Lopez.

I acted in a few plays when I was younger. Once I played a *cop, which taught me nothing about being a cop. I did not tell the world I was “open to” becoming a cop after closing night and expect everyone to pat my head for it.

And I’m not sure I believe any woman in Hollywood in the 21st century had “never thought about” adoption. Good gracious, Woman, have you had your head in a barrel?

“When I held the baby for the first time – our baby in the movie… they were twins, they were two little twin Ethiopian boys[…]. […] But when you hold that baby, you can really see how easy it is to just love another child that is not yours. Really, such a simple thing.”

When you hold that–those–um–Well, you just love it–them–immediately. Which one is this again, Edward or Jacob?

Adoption doesn’t feel simple to me. It doesn’t feel like a cheap way to prove your new magical ability to love black people, either. It feels complicated and confusing.

But hey, when I held that gun for the first time….

*I also played a Royal Wizard. Yet I suck at royal wizardry, whatever that is. And the script says I was supposed to have a “long blue robe covered with golden owls,” but did I get it? I did not, but I am open to wearing one. Oh yes I am.



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5 responses to “Shut Up, Jennifer Lopez.

  1. MANY MOONS! I love that book!

    One of my favorite comments about acting was something from Patrick Stewart about how many questions he got about how hard it must have been for him to play a gay character but no one ever asked about playing a murderer, when he hoped most people would assume the latter was a bigger stretch.

    I’m sort of horrified that recently adopted kids are being used in a movie when being passed around as props is probably not a great way to encourage secure attachment, but the whole movie seems pretty horrifying anyway and so I’m not surprised.

  2. And I love commentors who catch my silly little literary references, 4-EVAR. (-: Yay!

    All adoptees are props, some more than others.

    I’ve been a Patrick Stewart fan since I, Claudius. How wonderful it was to discover he’s a mensch:

  3. billyandme

    Goodness, goodness. Perhaps one day a famous celeb will play an adoptee or other person who has been severed from his or her roots, and will gain a new passion for open records.

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