Speedy Delivery!

Please don’t blame Mr. Rogers for the post title.

Know what qualifications you need to accompany Korean adoptees to America? Me neither.

There were times when Holt had so many eager adoptive parents and they were bringing so many children to America, that finding people to escort them across the ocean was a big challenge. 

Because heaven forfend anyone waste any time or money going to Korea just because they want to raise a Korean.

Often times, the children were escorted by airline employees who volunteered to do this on days off, military personnel, or anyone else who was game to babysit for the many interim hours between destinations.

You read that right: Anyone who was game. Coach Sandusky, Cheryl Allen, anyone.

[…] I babysat a five-month-old girl who was on her way to Baltimore to join her new parents.  She was a little fussy at first but I had a bottle for her.  When she wasn’t sleeping she was looking up at me with her soulful brown eyes that seemed to ask, “Are you my new mom?”

Please adopt me, Great White Mommy, she said with her eyes. You are the bestest mommy ever and I love you so much. Yes, she did. Yes, in English. With her eyes! Shut up she did too!

Say, Lady, did you ever see a child you didn’t covet? After three hours, this baby was “yours,” because you “fell in love” with her within minutes. She even magically asked you to be her mommy. So you proved your maternal love by…handing her over to random strangers–literally, to the first people who said they wanted to babysit for a few hours. Why? Because it was time for you and your mother-love to get off the plane and go home. That couple could have been anyone. You don’t even know their names.

You have no idea what became of the baby you’re writing your self-congratulating dewy-eyed post about at all, do you?

Three hours later it was time to take my little girl and put her back on the plane.  […] I walked on the plane, stood in the front of the airline cabin looking at all of the passengers, and said, […]“This little girl is from Korea.  She’s going to a new home in Baltimore, to adoptive parents who are eagerly waiting for her.  Could someone hold her and feed her until you land?” Finally, an elderly couple sitting five rows back eagerly waved their hands and said, “We would love to take care of this little girl!”

It’s just that easy to give up “your” baby, with whom you are “in love,” and congratulate yourself for doing so a few misty decades later, isn’t it?

No wonder you love adoption. You think it involves pretty birdies flying from Africa to drop eggs into your nest.



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9 responses to “Speedy Delivery!

  1. Someone had to say it!!!! Did you wonder, as I did, about the baby on that journey of fear and loss? Does no-one care? Sometimes the gap in understanding is so wide it seems the person lives on a different planet, that would be Planet Adoption I guess.

    • Hellz yes, I did. Poor baby, looking into the eyes of the Others and thinking “Whoever you are, however different you are from all the people I’ve ever known–please don’t let me die here in this crazy flying tube.”

      And that somehow equals “I love you, White Mommy.” Eesh.

      Can one buy a ticket off Planet Adoption?

  2. Chad Rancher

    I’ll just bet she went to a good, devoutly religious couple who prayed that she would miraculously cure their infertility problems. You know the old saying, “adopt a baby, have a baby!!” And if she doesn’t cure their infertility, maybe this Holt baby could stop the husband from his excessive drinking. But, you know the wifey says he never drinks on the Sabbeth…
    BTW, have you ever seen photos of Holt with the boxes he shipped the babies in? But, hey, they couldn’t FedEx them back then, and, of course, they were just trying to save the newborns from those heathen, err exotic Asian religions… A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

    • The boxes creep me out all to shit fassure, but I haven’t seen the photos (and don’t want to).

      • Chad Rancher

        Thank you for exposing the truth about adoption. Some people don’t want to know the truth, but if we put it in front of their faces every day, maybe the ugly truth of this barbaric practice will slowly sink into their teeny, tiny self-rightous brains. There is a lot of work ahead to change the hearts and minds of people who are so thick-skulled. Someday, all adoptions will end; no more faux-orphans created to fill the “needs” of infertile couples. No higher power has an “adoption plan” for any newborn. Mothers belong with their infants; infants need their natural mothers. Family preservation must be the highest goal of humankind. And–Thanks for letting me rant…

      • I’ve been looking but bet they’ve been deleted, censored and hidden away in the secret archives.

  3. Oh save me!!! There is no baby tree? I didn’t know a deviant bird was depositing babies in adopters nests.
    To torture myself I read this ?heartwarming? account. That poor kid, I could burst their bubble of what is going on in her mind, but what do I know being an adoptee who went through it?
    I don’t think I will attempt to read about Holt and their crated kids. But if anyone figures a way out of Adoptoworld I’ll be first in line for a ticket.

  4. @Chad–Thanks, but I’m just snarkin from the sidelines. The serious adoptee bloggers and activists are doing the real work, and I salute them. But,as you’ve surely guessed, this *is* a good place to rant.

    @ea, reading the description of them was all I could handle for the moment. If you do find a photo, I’d love to see it.

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