More Leper-Kissin’, No News

I got to wondering (again) whether “the Dark-Haired Daughter” turned out to be pregnant or not. I can’t stop thinking about the poor kid. So I checked up on her a’mom again.

Adorably, the Leper-Kisser has discovered that people are mean on the internet, meaner than IRL–the cowards! So she’s waiting for God to tell her whether or not to go on blogging (or she was in mid-April. I wonder what He said?)

If I met this woman IRL, I’d tell her exactly how I feel about the harm she’s done to her daughter. Expressing one’s opinion doesn’t really require bravery. (But there are somethings I wouldn’t type, let alone say. “I hope you get raped too”? Uncool. Uncool. Uncool.)

I didn’t find a word about whether the girl is pregnant or not, but plenty of bubbly entries about shopping for the other daughter’s prom dress and soforth. I don’t know how to express how disturbing I find this.



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8 responses to “More Leper-Kissin’, No News

  1. I hope the Lord advised her go wait on a mountaintop far away for his reply. That poor girl.

  2. Oh me, oh my!! So much she doesn’t underrstand.

  3. That’s for damned sure. I don’t even know how to start a list. )-:

  4. Ok, here I am, the horrible mother who wrote this. Here’s my email: [redacted by blog author]. Blast away – tell me how cruel and horrible I am. You might have to take a number, though. And let’s not, under any circumstances, have a conversation or engage in real dialogue as if we were two mature adults who disagreed.
    By the way, should I have told my older daughter NOT to enjoy prom-dress shopping because of her sister’s assault? Must her life not go on as she tries to enjoy the milestones that are so important to a young lady?

  5. A) I’ve removed your email address. People who really want to contact you can do so via your blog (can’t they?) and, although I love to snark and criticize, I have no interest in participating in a shitstorm, especially one initiated by the party who expects to be the…shittee. And yes, let’s do use passive aggression (oh Hell, I just did) and red herrings rather than discuss it like adults.

    B) Red herring: I was not suggesting your other daughter should not enjoy her prom. You can tell this because at no time did I say so. I said I was disturbed to be rechecking the blog, wondering about your other daughter, to find nothing about her predicament for post after post after post, and I am. I can’t help but suspect that a lot of your fans/friends/commentariat (the ones who did not tell you to get raped) feel the same way–truly concerned about your daughter and confused to see another Mary Cassatt Monday post instead of an update on her.

    C) I do think you’ve acted in cruel and horrible ways. I think it’s cruel to deny your daughter her choice as to whether to give birth or not. And I think it’s horrible to brag about it online, quite obviously expecting praise for YOU to result from that. I feel very strongly that your daughter’s assault is not yours to share with the world. I don’t think it was cruel or horrible to post about how worried you were when she disappeared. I don’t think it’s wrong to post about proms. But is nothing that happens, not to you but to your daughter, too personal to share with the entire world, apparently for the purposes of scoring pro-life points? I add that last part because I didn’t find the post by reading your blog where it could have had a small, personal audience; I found it on Life Site News–IIRC, via a Google alert for the world “adoptee.” If you didn’t want it posted there where it would have a wider, more impersonal audience, you could have requested it be taken down.

    Finally, I think it’s horrible for anyone to use adoption/someone’s adoptive status as an anti-abortion argument. The decision to abort and the decision to relinquish are two very different choices made at two very different times. One involves a remarkably safe, twenty-minute procedure a woman may regret or may not. There is no child to be harmed or lost. The other involves, for many woman, a lifetime of wondering about their actual children. Not embryos: CHILDREN, with feelings and histories and personalities and thoughts. No woman should be expected or even encouraged to bear a child she does not intend to raise, no matter what A Loving Option anyone else thinks it is.

    D) I’d like very much to know whether the DHD is pregnant. But if I never do, that’ll be fine, because it was never any of my business. It may well be time to slam the door shut on this empty barn, but for *HER* sake, not the sake of your feelings. Posts like the one that started all this, if they must be made at all, might best be better kept on password protected blogs, rather than made public so your daughter becomes a political football. You drew attention to this. People judged you. That’s not just the internet; that’s life.

    I did not comment on your “Plan B” post at your blog because some of the comments you were getting sickened me. I didn’t want to be associated with those who would wish rape on anyone.

  6. We will not agree on abortion; let’s leave it at that.
    My Dark-haired Daughter currently has no access to the internet, and does not read my blog. She has been hospitalized for quite a while. She suffers from severe bipolar disorder, and severe cognitive disabilities. She functions, at best, at the level of a 8-10 year old. After her assault, she was nearly unconscious for about 5 days, and so, the decision re’ Plan B was left in the hands of her parents.
    In retrospect, I would not have blogged about all this. It was a mistake on my part. That is why I have chosen to not to continue to blog about it. It was a decision made out of pain, confusion and terrible hurt. I should have waited until I was able to think more clearly.
    I understand that people will judge me and that is the nature of blogging and the internet. What I do not understand is the incredible venom, hatred, evil and cruelty that have been shown to me and my family. (I am not saying that you are doing this.) It boggles my mind that a person would choose to add pain to an already horrid situation, even if they don’t agree with the person involved. It would be like telling the parents of Trayvon Martin, the black teen who was murdered in Florida, that it was their own damn fault for letting their kid wander the streets at night. While I may have “invited” the criticism, I do not understand the hatred.
    As with most parents, I try to do the very best I can for my children. I know I have made many mistakes, mis-steps and errors, but I do not believe the care I showed my daughter after her assaults is one of them. I assume we will disagree on that, but I will not assume you are an evil person, and I hope you will grant me the same benefit of the doubt.

  7. No, we won’t ever agree on a woman’s, or even a child’s, right to choose whether she becomes a mother or not. No ten-year-old, whether she is so in body, mind or spirit, should endure a pregnancy, give birth, and/or raise a child, no matter how she got pregnant. Ever. Period. I will not be changing my mind about that.

    As I’ve said twice now, I don’t understand some of the venom either. And I don’t hate *you*. I hate patriarchal monotheist religions. I hate what you did to the daughter you claim to love. And I really, really hate the way you bragged about it. I think it’s wise of you (again, for her sake) not to blog about this anymore–but how did you think people would react to this incomplete story? We wonder how it ended, and that’s on you, not on readers.

    I am very, very glad to know the D-HD can’t (currently? ever?) know about your manipulation of her tragedy. I hope she is not pregnant, but I will not ask you whether or not she is again.

    I don’t know what makes someone “an evil person.” But I feel very strongly that, judging by your story as you told it, you have committed evil acts against your beloved daughter, and I feel very strongly that, had I acted as you say you did, I would not sleep at night.

  8. I wish you the best, despite the obvious disagreements we have.

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