International Adoption Done Right

Monyetta Shaw, I like your style. You’re “adopting” forty-eight Swazi children by leaving them right there in Swaziland and paying their living expenses: twenty thousand dollars a year.

You know you could have brought home Your Very Own Ethiopian for that amount.

(Longer post tomorrow, I promise.)



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4 responses to “International Adoption Done Right

  1. Now THAT is the kind of international adoption story I love to hear. Someone willing to help a large group of children survive within their own culture…………someone who expects no product at the end except children who are happy, healthy citizens of their own world.

  2. billyandme

    That is great. Truly humanitarian.

  3. She gets it!!! The kids need support where they ARE. What a fabulous story. Thank you for sharing.

  4. c

    Good on her – I hope others sit up and take notice.

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