Separation of Church and State FAIL

Remember when Virginia was for lovers?

The spiky urchin understands that the world is still full of pointless, blatant bigotry, and that some adoption agencies want to continue enforcing this bigotry when it comes to gay adoptions. What the snurchin doesn’t understand is how anyone can think it’s OK for such an agency to both

ban gay adoptions and

accept government funding.

You can’t fucking do that! If this passes, I hope it’s immediately struck down, because if it isn’t, a whole lot of other states are going to follow suit. Conscience, my ass! If a bigoted Christian adoption agency had a conscience, it wouldn’t take government money in the first place. But those outfits have specialized in serving both God and Mammon for so long it’s like they’re reading a completely different Bible or something.

And if ALL the adoption agencies had consciences….

BTW, isn’t it cute how so many people believe gay people must adopt because they can’t have their own children? Apparently gay people are born with broken reproductive systems. And we all know that no gay person who wanted “a normal life” and children ever accomplished it by getting married to the opposite sex. Never happened, ever. Also, sperm banks and turkey basters are products of my imagination. And there are no bisexuals.



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8 responses to “Separation of Church and State FAIL

  1. Some of my best friends have gay Dads and straight Mums! One of my daughter’s friends is straight and father to daughters of two bi Mums.It’s a big old world out there even without the turkey basters!
    Hypocrisy and religion always belong in the same sentence.

    • Yet I’ve heard people on the radio insist that gays *can’t* reproduce, so we can’t allow any sort of gay rights at all. If we do, the gays will adopt all the children, teach them gayness, and use this tiny gay army to enforce their “agenda” on us all.

  2. Lauri Lee

    As much as I disagree with and loathe that whole Christian bigotry thing…

    And as much as I think the LGBT community has every right to adopt the biological offspring of their partner in an equal way to a heterosexual relationship…

    And as much as I believe that there should be equal rights for all…

    And as much as I believe there are healthy ways to raise other people’s children even if you call it adoption….

    I can’t help but feel something akin to this being an argument like: since some people are legally able to buy goods off thieves, con-men, and fences, we should make it a right for everyone to buy goods off thieves, con-men, and fences.

    I realise that many children are legitimately in need of a loving home, but given how non-transparent, coercive, and corrupt the industry is, especially the international adoption market, which is where the growth industry seems to be, it still leaves me uneasy about asserting what I’d consider a dubious right in the name of equality.

    On the flip-side, I don’t think I could sanction the delaying of equal rights until the whole industry is cleaned up and actually operating in the best interests of the child. Because that’s a bit like saying you can’t have equal rights until the rest of us act with some responsibility and decency, you’re not allowed to act this disrespectfully, but we are.

    Does this make sense?

    It just leaves me with a deep sense of uneasiness, because of the industry, not because of the equal rights aspect, and I often feel compelled to say something on the subject of why I am emotionally reluctant to fully support this, but it’s hard to articulate without sounded like I’m against the equal rights. It just feels compromised.

  3. Being overly cynical I have two reasons: One the churchs don’t want to lose the profit – uber #1 reason, 2 there would be less babies that would go to their well deserving parishoners (many of whom are employed through the church in their adoption or foster programs…yah I am in a grumpy mood today.

    You want to be a church and do good words do it – you want to be a business that receives federal funds then you follow the same rules all others follow or you pack up your toys and go home and stop whining like a 4 year old.

  4. Yeah, I see no reason why a gay couple and a lesbian couple couldn’t work together to make them some kids and raise them. Even if there’s no sexual contact between the two couples, as you said, there’s always the famed turkey baster.

    I don’t get people. I really don’t.

  5. Or, Heaven forfend, there are gay people out there having sex with someone they’d prefer not to have sex with because society offers them no other options for reproduction. But nobody does that, amirite?!?


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