An Update on the “Why I Rejected Plan B….” Woman

The Dark-haired Daughter’s A’mom’s name is Elise Graveline Hilton.

Here is her original blog post on the subject, dated 30 January.

And here she is on 2 Feb, boasting about the attention her horrific story has brought.

“I must be doing something right,” she gloats. I wonder what it is?

Here’s her post from a mere four days later, in which she says her family has wow, had a nearly surreal personal experience lately, but what she’s really here to talk about is the recent Komen Foundation uproar.

“Nearly surreal.” That’s not how I’d describe my bipolar, cognitively-arrested daughter’s going missing for 48 hours and turning out to have been raped during that time. You couldn’t even manage a “nightmare”?

And what did she post about while her daughter was missing? Not much.

You should also know that has magical abortion-stopping, adoption-causing neck pain.

From what I’ve read (but not confirmed), the Dark-Haired Daughter is a high school senior with the cognitive abilities of a ten- or eleven-year-old. And her mom was already an anti-abortion nut. It seems suspicious to me that one minute she’s lamenting the anniversary of Roe and the next she’s a Real Live Pro Life Heroine For Jesus! But I’ll admit it: I don’t want this story to be true. I don’t want it very much.

Ms. Hilton, at the risk of confirming everything you believe about pro-choicers, I do think what you say you did is monstrous, and I hope for your sake that you’re lying. Because if you’re not, you have no love for your daughter in your heart, and you have no soul.

Detective work and speculation in the comments here.



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11 responses to “An Update on the “Why I Rejected Plan B….” Woman

  1. A person who is in High School with the abilities of a 11 or 12 year old has the ability to choose and to make a decision for herself.What help is she getting with this horrendous trauma and what help will she get with the next traumas if she is pregnant and gives birth? Let’s us hope she is not pregnant and her mother suddenly learns what parental responsibility really means.

  2. Jeezus, what a nutcase. Won’t give her daughter Plan B to prevent a pregnancy (which isn’t abortion ffs). Doesn’t seem that concerned about what happened to her adopted daughter during the 48 hours she was missing. How the hell was she selected to be a suitable adoptive parent in the first place?

  3. Catherine Cumpstone

    Should this be true, God help you all either way.

  4. maren

    Yeah, and in her blog, to explain how Plan B (introduced in 1999) “kills babies,” Elise Hilton provided a link to a 1998 Catholic Conference of Bishops statement about ANOTHER DRUG ENTIRELY (Preven) !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Billyandme

    Sounds like she wants a second chance with a newborn. Sick.

  6. Of course her adopted “daughter” is bipolar or at least dxd that my heart goes out to that poor girl

  7. JR

    *is doing detective work*
    Well it’s pretty clear she lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Almost every news story and other link she mentions is to a place in that city and she says she lives “in the midwest”. Anyone know the area there?

  8. Koa

    What a sick f$%^ing devil of a mother and hypocrite fame-hungry Christian!!
    I read that she lives with her husband Ed Hilton in Sparta, Michigan but she works for a right-wing nut company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
    I hope CPS takes the poor ‘dark-haired’ girl away from this terrifying monster.

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