No. No. No. NO.

It was rather short-sighted of me to entitle a post “The Worst Thing I Have ever read” before this story came along.

You really shouldn’t read it.

It’s about a woman whose bipolar daughter was “brutally and repeatedly sexually assaulted.” The woman is an anti-abortion nutter. So when a nurse gave her Plan B for her daughter, the woman tucked it away in her purse, where she says it remains.

Let that sink in for a second.

Wondering why it’s on my blog? Well, I’ll tell ya:

I knew adoption could excuse kidnapping, child trafficking, even the occasional murder. I had no idea it could be used to excuse this kind of twisted “maternal” cruelty. And make no mistake, that’s how adoption is being used here. Although this woman says she’s sure she could murder a man but not a blastocyst because she’s such a wonderful Christian, ADOPTION IS HER EXCUSE.

I know many, many people – some who call me friend – will think this is a monstrous decision.  I should have just had her swallow the pill and never looked back. There – done.  One less thing to worry about.

My daughter, though, you see, is adopted.  For all I know, she herself is the product of rape.  Her birth mom was known to prostitute herself, and for women in that life, rape is common.

And the commentors fall all over themselves to say how brave and wonderful she is to take the decision of whether to risk giving birth to a rapist’s baby out of the raped person’s hands and into Jesus’ hands, or her own hands, not that there’s any fucking difference. Hey, Lady, did you ever consider doing right by the daughter you claim to love?

I thought about it.  God help me, I thought about it.

Despite my desire to murder, despite my desire to never think about the possibility of pregnancy, despite the burden of this whole experience:  I am pro-life.

No, you’re not. You’re the poster child for why my side of the argument calls your side of the argument “anti-choice.” You speak of your daughter’s assault and possible pregnancy as a burden to you. And you brag about the harm you may have done to her to the entire internet. You are no mother, Lady. You’re a monster. You even knew you’d be called one.

And why is it you don’t tell us your daughter’s age? Is it because she’s old enough to make this decision herself, and you denied her that? Or is it because she’s too young to give birth, and that pesky fact might detract from your God’s glory? Either way, you are not doing what parents, adoptive or otherwise, are supposed to do, which is act in the best interests of their children, even if that means nobody at church ever talks to them again.

Jeebus this has ruined my day. Apart from the fate of this poor bipolar woman/girl, there are women out there who want Plan B very badly and can’t get it. Even the raped ones don’t necessarily have access to kindly nurses who bring it to them unbidden. They have to deal with self-righteous asses who call themselves pharmacists but want to reserve the right to overrule a doctor’s decision on what can be prescribed to women. Some women–some rape victims!–have to go from clinic to clinic, drugstore to drugstore and town to town all because they have the gall to believe it’s up to them whether or not they reproduce right now. Because they have the nerve to believe they own their own bodies, like men do.

You, Madam, are a handmaiden of the patriarchy. I don’t know what you think you get out of that, but I do know your collaboration will not save you. No exception is being made for you because you are so very Good, and no place is being prepared for you in heaven or on earth. You too are an object to be loathed and used and discarded by men…and you brag about this. To paraphrase Zappa again, If there is a hell, its fires wait for you, not the abortionists.



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4 responses to “No. No. No. NO.

  1. tia-b

    Typical godbag logic. The physical and emotional ramifications of the decision she’s made falls to her already traumatized daughter to bear without her consent, but adoptomama gets all the internet self-righteous god credit over it because *she’s* so holy and pro-life. And privacy? Let’s look at it from her perspective though. She’s the adoptomom so her perspective is most important. How can you get all that other godbag glory over this decision if you don’t blast your adoptive kid’s very personal trauma (we *never* see that happen) all over the public sphere using your real name. I mean, how will Tim Tebow know where you live so he can come to your door and put you on his next commercial if you don’t publicize your kid’s story, I mean your story, your kid’s story, well I forget whose story and it really doesn’t even matter, right?

    Yes. I’m bitter.

  2. Apparently the victim is a teen with an age which would suggest she could give informed consent. Let’s hope she is not pregnant and ewill not have further trauma to go through when it could ahve been prevented by responsibly, caring parenting.

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