Hey, Jon Huntsman? Shut up.

This is vile. It’s also exactly the kind of racist tripe an urchin expects from *fans of Ron Paul; but I repeat myself:

An online ad posted by “NHLiberty4Paul” includes video footage of Huntsman, the former ambassador to China, with daughter Gracie when she was an infant. It also shows Huntsman holding Asha shortly after she was adopted from India.“American values? Or Chinese?” the ad asks, ending with “Vote Ron Paul.”

“If someone wants to poke fun at me, that’s OK,” said Huntsman, whose campaign has posted several online ads attacking Paul as unelectable. “What I object to is bringing forward pictures and videos of my adopted daughters and suggesting there’s something sinister there.”

It’s unquestionably vile. But you, Sir, have no right to bitch about it. You made your adopted children into political footballs:

[Huntsman pointed] to his 12-year-old daughter, Gracie, in the audience, saying adopting her and her younger sister have reinforced his pro-life views. […]

Huntsman also looked to his daughters in answering another question later, at a general store in tiny Washington, N.H. Asked to describe a “watershed” moment in his life, he described traveling to China to get Gracie — who had been abandoned in a vegetable market at two months of age, and later adopting his younger daughter from India, where she had been left on a roadside.

“I’d never had quite such an emotional journey,” he said.

It’s a little late to act hurt on their account and say “Pick on someone your own size” now, Asshole.

Of course, Huntsman has a perfect right to expect to be treated better than anyone else. He’s yet another rescuer of orphans for Jesus. Naturally he reserved the right to name the new puppy before he ever saw or met her. (What if she hadn’t “looked like a Gracie Mei”?) And he’s raised his Chinese daughter to parrot all this horseshit. Here’s her story according to 2012.republican-candidates.org:

The Huntsman’s adoption of Gracie Mei in 1999 was particularly poignant, as they chose a name for her years before she was even born, and her future siblings wrote imaginary Christmas letters welcoming her into the family. The Deseret Morning News ran a heartwarming story on the adoption where Mary Kaye, Huntsman’s wife, was quoted as saying, “She is our greatest Christmas present ever.” Gracie Mei herself, now 12, joined in the conversation.

Gracie Mei: “They (the adoption agency workers) found me in a vegetable market (Yangzhou Phoenix Vegetable Market)”
Mary Kaye: “Who found you in the market?”
Gracie Mei: “Jesus.”

Did you catch that? A twelve-year-old child gave a perfectly factual answer (based on the info she has, anyway), and Mommy corrected her with a prompt to tell a pretty fairy tale instead. There wasn’t even a “need” for any fairy tale, because the kid already knows the truth and the truth is not, comparably speaking, horrible. But Mommy and/or Daddy must think it is.

That exchange sums up perfectly how it feels to be an adopted child.

You ain’t scoring any brownie points with me this way, Mr. and Mrs. H.

*fans of Ron Paul insist the ad was a false flag placed by their enemies to make them and Mr. Paul look bad. I’m not investigating that any further because I don’t care.



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12 responses to “Hey, Jon Huntsman? Shut up.

  1. Made my day! I so love it when the little abductees are trotted out to prove what a godly person the nut running for office is.

  2. Oh Yuk!!!!How low can you go??

  3. ElaineP

    I would’ve been mortified if my adad had talked about my adoption like that. That’s up to the adoptee if they want to discuss it or not. He never answered adoption questions or comments and let me handle them however I wanted. I would’ve wanted to disappear in my chair… Ten years this guy will be complaining about angry, ungrateful adoptees… yeah, i wonder why!!!

    • Agreed! My parents never required me to discuss my adoption with anyone else or did so themselves–in my presence, anyway.

      Jesus found me in the market. At age TWELVE she’s saying this. That’s not cute. It reminds me of the woman in Adopted: The Movie who knew she acted very childish around her a’parents, as if she’d regressed, but didn’t know how to stop.

      This kid is gonna need some serious therapy.

  4. No, they won’t grow up to be angry, ungrateful adoptees because those simply don’t exist in the land of Mormons. Well, it isn’t that they don’t exist, they simply are NOT ALLOWED to exist. Adoptees are not allowed to do anything but parrot back the “This is God’s plan for me” line they have been force fed since being found in a vegetable market by Jesus. If you think first mothers have it bad in the Utah/LDS culture, it is NOTHING compared to the brainwashing an adoptee in the LDS culture endures.

  5. Land Of Mormons–contained within, or merely abutting, AdoptoLand?

    Pretty sure first fathers also have it worse in Utah than anywhere else.

    • Oh yes. Them too.

      Land o’ Mormons exists wherever they live. If they don’t live in Utah, heck – they’ll ship their pregnant daughters there. (Man, I sound like an angry Mormon, don’t I? Perhaps it is because I am one!)

  6. Anonymouse

    Jesus found her in the market?

    That’s honestly a new script that I’ve heard. :/

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