“Jezebel Boy”

Jerry Sandusky’s lawyers are

–an excellent argument for adding the First Law Of Holes to the law curriculum, and
–victim-blaming assholes.

Know why Sandusky had to shower with boys? Because they were filthy nasty foster kids, and nobody had taught them how to shower by age 14.

“Some of these kids don’t have basic hygiene skills,” Rominger told WHTM-TV on Tuesday. “Teaching a person to shower at the age of 12 or 14 sounds strange to some people, but people who work with troubled youth will tell you there are a lot of juvenile delinquents and people who are dependent who have to be taught basic life skills like how to put soap on their body.”

How. To. Put. Soap. On. Their. Body.

You asshole. If foster children were filthy wild animals, it would still not be appropriate for authority figures to take off all their clothes and hop into the shower with them. One might simply hold up one’s arm, wet it in the sink,and apply soap to it as a demonstration, mightn’t one?

This is bullshit. I understand that some foster kids have been in horrible places, and that maybe hygiene wasn’t stressed in some of their lives. But to say they are too stupid to understand the concept “put soap on body” without having Coach Pedo naked in the shower with them, touching them, is an insult to everyone–but especially to the kids.

Because, mark my words, one of these days someone who’s trying to adopt is going to say or type, “We thought about going through foster care, but you have to teach those kids how to shower and then they accuse you of rape. Nope, it’s Ethiopia for us!”

You made him do it, you dirty, dirty boys. 1-800-REALITY indeed.


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5 responses to ““Jezebel Boy”

  1. OMG, how much are they getting paid to come up with this stuff to get him off? Can’t believe these kids can be suffer yet again at the hands of these people.

  2. boo-baby

    I read this days ago… and just now have stopped shaking with RAGE long enough to type. I have “worked with troubled youth” for many years including “juvenile delinquents” and “people who are dependent” and many of my charges and/or clients had no basic hygiene skills whatsoever. I have taught many children, youth, and even young adults how to perform personal hygiene tasks. I have never. Never. NEVER. EVER! been undressed in a shower or tub or even ROOM with a child/person who I was teaching. NEVER! Most of the time, the actual teaching takes place at, say, the kitchen table… with stick figure drawings and maybe a little pantomime. It’s NOT a complicated task and MOST of these people — including VERY young children — picked it up in just a few minutes of discussion.
    I realize this is not actually a thread about *how* to teach it… but suffice to say it’s easy to teach. It’s so simple. And… THIS (Uncle Funky Creepy Pedo-dusky). Is. Not. How. You. Teach. It. Not ever. NOT. EVER!

  3. Thanks for that, boo-baby. There may be one person somewhere who thought that bullshit made sense. Good to see it debunked by someone who knows better.

  4. ….Also, from now on Coach Sandusky will always be “Uncle Funky” to me. Nice one.

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