“Eat That Question”

Hey bastards–How many adoptees does it take to screw in a light bulb?



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11 responses to ““Eat That Question”

  1. None. We are not allowed to know the simple details of life such as how to change a light bulb. If we wish to change a light bulb, we can pay a fee and submit a form to the “Mutual Light Bulb Changing” registry hosted by the state or the Catholic Light Bulb Changing Agency. If someone who does know how to change to a light bulb also registers, we might be matched with that person. But if that person deicdes they do not want to help us change the light bulb, we will continue to be kept in the dark.

  2. none, bastards never change…once, always screwed…appallingly moi ;))

  3. Babies can’t screw in lightbulbs or take such huge responsibility in pratical matters.Screwed by the stigma of adoption.

  4. Lauri Lee

    Depends if the lightbulb is a screw mount or a bayonet mount. Some light bulbs are just incompatible so it doesn’t matter how many adoptees attempt to make it fit.

  5. Lauri Lee

    Adoptees shouldn’t be changing lightbulbs, they need to be kept in the dark…

  6. cb

    Adoptee’s aparent butts in: “MY adoptee has no wish to change a lightbulb. It’s only bitter,twisted adoptees who had a bad adoption, were brought up badly by their APs and who are obviously missing something in their life who wish to do such a traitorous thing as that. It takes more than light to be a lightbulb, a true lightbulb is there when the nappies need shining on, the concerts need lighting up and the her boo boos needed kissing”

    (gawd that last phrase irritates me but every AP seems to say it to prove their parenthood so I had to include it lol)

  7. Adoptees are permitted to change lightbulbs only after theyve walked through the emotional equivalent of broken glass having been talked down to, denied and belittled countless times by all those who claim to know an adoptees needs better than the adoptee does. According to those who know adoptees better than adoptees know themselves, adoptees dont NEED to change the lightbulb, because, like mushrooms, they grow better in the dark.

  8. just one… but the adoptee has to REALLY want to change it

  9. Jim, I think your adoptee is a psychologist. (-:

  10. VHM

    None….adoptees don’t have the right to see what everyone else can.

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