“Here Lies Love”

What’s worse than finding out at age twenty-three that you’re adopted?

How about finding out you aren’t?

“‘Who’s my mother? Who’s my father?’ [S]he [Loretta Young] would answer it very easily by saying, ‘I couldn’t love you any more than if you were my own child,’ which, of course, didn’t answer the question, but it said, ‘Don’t ask the question.’ ”

Judy, daughter of Loretta Young and Clark Gable, was never adopted. She was raised by a first mother pretending to be an adoptive mother and a stepfather who never adopted her (although she took his name). But she thought she was adopted, and she might as well have been: she got the same secrets, lies, and non-answers so many of us did.

And she got them for the same reasons: Judy’s origins were inconvenient for the people who brought her into the world and those who raised her. The fact that she would grow into a person who needed these answers was of no consequence.

As the person who passed it along to me warned (lemme know if you want credit!), the following film is Hell on irony meters:

(Did she say “sacredly confidential files”? Sheee it.)


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2 responses to ““Here Lies Love”

  1. Temporarily abandoned?? Really? OMG……what a mindfuck!!

  2. I got through about 2 minutes worth before I had to quit or throw up………..
    ugh…..temporarily abandoned?

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