How Far We Have to Go

Th spiky urchin is ill, but I’m not going to let a little puking ruin NaBloPoMo on the very last day. So here’s a little quote, chosen with sharing my nausea in mind:

“The U.S. is seen as a model for adoption and reform in these other countries. We have an amazing opportunity to set a standard across the world for adoptions and orphan care.”–Carolyn Twietmeyer

The more I read it, the colder my blood feels. Ugh.



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5 responses to “How Far We Have to Go

  1. We are a “model”? We are the “standard” by which others should be measured? I need to vomit. Where do these people come up with such self-centered, self-assured bullshitty ideas? How do they possibly live with such lack of critical thinking? Oh yes, because we live in the United States, where critical thinking isn’t taught anymore, or isn’t really encouraged all that much.

    I want to cry. We have miles and miles and miles and miles to go.

    Sorry you feel so horrid.

    Thanks for a wonderful month of brilliant writing and snarkiness. You rock.

  2. I’m sorry????? Which La-la land does she live in? America is seen as a model of exactly how it should never be done in any circumstances. Get real!! no wonder you have nausea.

  3. TY, Kara! (-:

    Less horrid now, but getting there wasn’t pleasant. Whew.

    And I teach critical thinking to college students…for $1500/class/semester (hence, I live with a’mom). I was once told by my boss, with a straight face, that I am doing “the most important job on campus.”

    Know how you can tell what Americans think is important? We pay for it. Ergo, the most important job on campus is done by the football coach, not me. The *same school* that trusts me to teach critical thinking believes I’ll respond positively to having smoke about doing important work blown up my ass? Sheeit.

  4. Sunny

    No flu shot?

    Hope you feel better soon.

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