Adoption: Do It For the Taxpayers!

Or, Worst Reason To Adopt Ever!

Here’s an “article” (it reads like a press release) by Ms. Jennifer Marshall, who says we don’t adopt enough. Seeing as how, in my experience, we adopt like the planet is our BabyMaking Is Going Out Of Business Sale, the spiky urchin read more. I was happy to see a mention of the kids in foster care who need homes (even if they are all said to be “languishing”). That’s what National Adoption Month should be all about, Lady! Good for y–Oh fuck, here we go:

The spotlight on the promise of adoption also is welcome for children just entering the world. When it comes to unplanned pregnancies, abortion and single parenting are far more common than adoption.

Then she talks about how horrible it is that abortions exist, and how criminal it is that Planned Parenthood doesn’t manage to talk at least one woman into relinquishing for every woman who has an abortion, like women’s reproductive choices are a contest. But that’s not why Ms. Marshall gets on my spines. This is:

“A fairly common attitude in the child welfare system is that infant adoption should almost never happen,” Atwood notes. “Instead, the government should provide adequate resources for single mothers so that they do not need to place their children for adoption.”

To let those dirty sluts keep their children instead of handing them off to their betters–it’s obscene! Almost as if we were more focused on helping children than punishing their mothers. Is that crazy or what?! We need to go right back to rigging things so women “need” to place their children. It’s choices that got us into this mess! Bring back the old days of strapping their arms to the table so they won’t reach for the fruit of their sinful loins! Why, if we take women’s choices away, we’ll have SCADS more kids languishing in foster ca–wait…no, that’s not what I meant to prove at all…

This outlook results in obvious strains on taxpayers. More than $300 billion annually goes to welfare benefits for single-parent households. Plenty of data show the significant stresses on single mothers as well. For example, the Census Bureau reports that the poverty rate in 2009 for households headed by single mothers was 38.5 percent, compared to 8.3 percent for married parents with children.

So we’re killing the taxpayers, not by fighting multiple wars at the same time, or letting the rich and corporations not pay their share, but by keeping families together. Yet despite the monster cash infusions, these families remain poor. Obviously we’re doing too much to help them!

This is straight up bullshit. I doubt much of my tax dollars goes to help single mothers. I wouldn’t mind if more went to that and less to the defense department. And the very idea that anyone would adopt to take the tax burden off others repulses me. That’s no reason to adopt. Surely you see how terrible it sounds? But you’re not presenting it as a reason to adopt, are you, Ms. Marshall? You’re presenting it as a reason to take babies off those horrible slutty slut sluts who spread their legs without being married, in order to punish them. And once the babies have been taken away, they have to be fed, preferably by a good Christian family who’s only doing it to be superior. Your type never changes: your hatred for women will always betray you and make you act as if you also hate children, those “by-products of women.”

Expectant single mothers should know their options. And more could-be adoptive parents should hear about the need.

No, No, and Hell no. Look, Lady, do you think there’s one unmarried pregnant woman in the US who hasn’t been told and told and told and told about the wonders of adoption? Do you think there’s a single childless couple in America who hasn’t had adoption suggested to them a dozen times? (I’ll bet you do, because your type believes there are people in America who haven’t heard The Good News and that it’s your duty to bother them with it.) And are you really arguing that people who aren’t currently interested in adopting be talked into it, be pressured into raising someone else’s child because what the hell, they have a house or something? Would you have wanted half-hearted parents who only raised you because the people at their church told them to? I wouldn’t.

That’s the goal of initiatives such as Wait No More, launched in 2008 by Focus on the Family to alert more Americans to the urgency of the need for adoption. The program gathers government leaders, churches, private adoption agencies and prospective adoptive parents to provide information and opportunities to begin the adoption process on site.

I’m confused. If I want to adopt a kid who really needs me, a foster kid, surely I don’t have to bother with a private agency or my church. I could just contact the government when I felt I was ready to parent. It couldn’t be that Dr. Dobson’s band of hateful busybodies are making money off adoption, could it?

Now, you’d think maybe some of the new gay parents could take up the slack now that they’re being allowed to adopt. Hooray, right? Nope, tragedy:

In Illinois, just 10 days before Thanksgiving, Catholic Charities announced the closing of foster care and adoption services after the state insisted that it allow placements with same-sex couples. As attorney Peter Breen observed in a statement issued by the Thomas More Society, which represented Catholic Charities, the announcement “marks the tragic end to 90 years of foster care service by some of the most effective child welfare agencies in Illinois.” In Massachusetts and the District of Columbia, similar policies already had forced religious groups out of foster care and adoption — a loss for many needy children.

No, the groups’ own bigotry forced them out of foster care and adoption at the expense of those waiting children. Better they should languish than have a real home with same sex parents. I’m not a Christian, but I suspect Jesus thinks these people are assholes.



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7 responses to “Adoption: Do It For the Taxpayers!

  1. Last I heard the refunds for the adoption tax credit (first year they offered full refunds) has now topped a billion dollars…

    Why is that okay…and wait what about all those single adoptive parents or two parent adoptive homes that divorce?

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  3. Well, FotF has programs for couple that think they need a divorce…..

  4. I’m a lesbian foster (and now quasi-adoptive, since we’re in one of the states where only one member of an unmarried couple can adopt) parent and until our latest placement, basically all the kids we’ve had in our home or been matched with have been ones whose histories left them needing some time away from adult men to get over being scared of/triggered by them. And yet obviously the moral danger is gays….

    That’s not what I really wanted to say, though. Not only do I wish our culture did more to support mothers who need it, but I wish family members raising kids who would otherwise end up in the foster care system could be payed (and trained and supported) at levels equivalent to what foster families get. Our newly adopted daughter has a bunch of siblings, all of whom live with family members who are single moms, in part because of men who left them over their decisions to take in their relative’s kids. It makes me sick that the state thinks that we as middle-class foster parents deserve more money (and it really isn’t much, in the scheme of things) than these women who are living below the poverty line to be able to keep family together. My family should be an absolute last resort (and was, after our little one started out with her mother and then removed to a relative placement before being voluntarily placed in foster care) and not the socially sanctioned top choice. Ugh.

  5. Well said, Thorn! I remain convinced the reason we don’t help these women is that we’re too busy blaming and shaming them for their “predicament,” which is not even supposed to be a big deal anymore.

    Re: children “whose histories left them needing some time away from” one sex or the other, I’m embarrassed to admit that this was only recently pointed out to me as an excellent reason to endorse gay equality in adoption, marriage, etc.

  6. Emily

    I love every single word of this article. Thank you.

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