Sometimes These Things Write Themselves

…which is good, because my mind is a blank today. But really, there’s not much to be added to this one: Jerry Sandusky was nominated for an Angels In Adoption award in 2002 (the same year he was caught raping a child in the shower)… RICK SANTORUM.

Sandusky said of Second Mile: “My philosophy is simple: it is easier to groom a child than to rape an adult.” (Nah, not really, that’s just the philosophy he lived.)

Rick Santorum is a current Presidential candidate, filthy slang noun, and firm believer that every child deserves security and happiness until the minute it’s born. (Nah, he hasn’t really said so; that’s just the philosophy he expects you to live: “Santorum is…a family values champion. He is a strong opponent of abortion, critic of contraception, and outspoken foe of such gay and lesbian causes as marriage equality.”)

If I hated children, I’d run on Santorum’s platform. Bring’em into the world at any cost and to Hell with what happens to’em as long as no gay people get their hands on’em. Because something terrible could happen.

Something like getting raped by an Angel.

So how did the nomination happen? says that, as with so many adoption nightmares, some grown-up didn’t bother to do his homework:

Santorum said he doesn’t know Sandusky and “doesn’t recall ever meeting him” […] according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

It’s standard procedure for senators and members of congress to issue awards such as those on an everyday basis, and Santorum said he was “doing those awards routinely for years.”

“He ran a very respected charity who did a lot of work for kids in trouble,” Santorum said. “I had a lot of friends who were on his board and spoke highly of him, so it seemed to me to be pretty natural. But obviously it was a huge mistake.”

No point in checking up on adoptive families after finalization. Obviously anyone who goes to that kind of trouble and jumps through all those hoops (six times!) is a loving dad.


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4 responses to “Sometimes These Things Write Themselves

  1. and so the wheels turn and know that the full story here will never be revealed whatever sentence Sandusky gets finally…….

  2. No, it won’t. For one thing, his six adopted children aren’t talking as far as I can tell.

  3. jimm

    I fail to see why Sandusky wouldn’t be the ideal representative for the American Adoption Industry. Only the kid got fucked.

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