Bonus Post: On Jumping Through Hoops

Jerry Sandusky has SIX adopted children.

Still think home studies are too much of an imposition?



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3 responses to “Bonus Post: On Jumping Through Hoops

  1. Appalled, this week has brought the shocking story of the support of a paedophile by his community against the child victims and more evidence against the ‘joys’ of the sadistic religious beatings of children, sometimes unto death.Home studies? They’re a farce.

  2. misbgoten

    As a person adopted through a private adoption because adoptive parents couldn’t pass a home study – NO I don’t think home studies are too much of an imposition. My life could be a frickin’ Movie of the Week. They’re putting down one of my adoptive cousins in the morning for being a serial killer. A few more are in prison for child molestation and that doesn’t even begin to cover the ones that weren’t brought to justice. As my adoptive mother used to say, “old men need their fun too.” So happy my forever family found me.

  3. Holy crap, misbgoten. )-: What an excellent example of how adoptive families aren’t automatically “better.” I’m sorry you had to grow up around such people.

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