A Stupid Question Answered Snarkily

There is, or was, a FB group called Why I (maybe it was We) Love Adoption. All I really remember is that a post on their Wall chirped “Why do YOU love adoption?!”

The Spiky Urchin, not being a lover of adoption at all, took the question as a personal challenge and decided to come up with some Real True Answers:

  • I love adoption because it gives me something upon which to blame my shitty attitude.
  • I love adoption because not trusting people enough to form relationships with them keeps my life drama-free.
  • I love adoption because I know I’ll never take after certain self-centered, incapable-of-introspection folks in my a’family.
  • I love adoption because access to my own birth certificate would make me just like any other American citizen, and how boring is that? I’m special!
  • I love adoption because the sheer terror of getting pregnant, being sent away to another state in shame like my mother, and never seeing my own child kept me from having sex til I was 20 years old…by which time my expectations were properly low and my view of relationships permanently skewed.
  • I love adoption because I was chosen! After Mom and Dad found out they couldn’t have their own kid, and after the state did a lot of background matching, and after my mother gave birth and relinquished and I became a ward of the state, and after South Carolina said “Here’s the baby girl girl we want you to have, Mr. and Mrs. X, come get her,” they picked me! Out of all the babies in the Universe!

Add your own in the comments, please?



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5 responses to “A Stupid Question Answered Snarkily

  1. I love adoption for the ‘as if born to’ factor which destroys identity and much else with it.
    I love adoption for the way it reveals the unethical, the greedy, the privileged, the entiled and the unfit for the task.
    I love adoption for the way it tries to normalise itself

  2. I never say this, but occasionally I am a bit g… a bit gaga… (I can do this!) a bit…grateful for your #2. The practice of adoption has made apparent to me things that don’t seem apparent to many others.

  3. cb

    I love adoption because if I really truly want to know what other adoptees are feeling, I know I can ask the only people who really truly know how adoptees feel – the adoptive parents. I know I don’t have to waste time asking other adoptees – what would they know?

    I love adoption because if I ever forget my place, there will be plenty of kind souls happy to put me back in it.

    I love adoption because I know I can use my psychic powers and predict that as a 60s adoptee from the closed era, that my opinion will not matter before I even say it, thus saving myself from actually giving one.

  4. cb

    I love adoption because my life is surreal in ways that I didn’t ask it to be.

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