“Languishing In Orphanages”

Life in an orphanage is even shittier than I thought. There is no sleep. There is no food. There is, in fact, no air. There is naught but languishing.

Google  says it has “about 77,500” results for the title phrase of this post. A cursory glance over the first page of results  suggests that, in almost all of them, it’s being used to support international adoption. Does anyone use this verb for any other purpose? And if one is caught languishing outside an orphanage, is there a penalty?

“Entering the world of adoption is like stepping through the looking glass, everything is familiar and yet different,” an adoptive mom on the Intartoobs has said. (Having never lived anywhere else, I wouldn’t know. [looks in mirror] I really am left-handed…aren’t I?)

In Reality, or so I hear, things are…complicated. There are many fates that might befall children whose parents can’t or won’t care for them. Such children might be fostered or helped by charity money or raised by a near relative or sold into slavery or die or hell, any number of things.

Not in Looking-Glass World*.

This is the part where I lose my name, isn't it? "L," I KNOW it begins with "L!"

Here, things are much simpler, and there are never any more than two choices: an orphan will either surrender identity, culture, and country to be adopted by USAians, or it will Languish In an Orphanage.

I hope this makes sense. It’s hard for me to keep things straight sometimes because I teach critical thinking to young people. When I do that, I have to pretend I live in Reality so I can teach my students that the “false dichotomy” is a logical fallacy, and that pointing one out when you see it is not just a shorter way of singing this:

*aka AdoptoLand



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4 responses to ““Languishing In Orphanages”

  1. Von

    Yep!!! Right there with you.

  2. AAARRRGH, how did I not know you were blogging? This blog is awesome! the Dead Kennedys, too much. love love love love

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