Keep’em Closed!

Well, isn’t this adorable?

Protesting that records should be kept closed in a country wherein adoptees have had to fight like Hell to get them opened in a very few states reminds me of something. It reminds me of every privilege-blind moron I ever tried to engage in a conversation about how societies contain power differentials.

Sounds like somebody has a bad case of the Howcums to me! As in

“Howcum there’s no Men’s History Month?”
“Howcum there’s no National Association for the Advancement of White People, huh?”

So. All these records sealed up tighter than a bull’s ass in fly season all over the country, and I see some of you uppity types arguing for opening them.


Billo Knows the Score!

Actually I can.

(And in they rushed to fill no void.)

Behold the terrible things that opening records would uncover. This is from the FB page, and it’s printed on a background that is a photograph of an Actual Opened File labeled “Promised Privacy,” so it must be true. It is, however, utter horseshit, so just as a Thought Exercise, let’s see whether we can render all of these items Actually True. Ready?

1) Bad Past

It’s true that if records were opened, your child’s first family might learn all about your past, and we can’t have that. You have the child because you’re better than the first mother. Let’s keep it that way!

2) Against religion

Stats have proven that when records are open, more mothers relinquish. If records were open, and it were it easier to adopt, and least a few people might conceivably turn away from “Christian duty” as their sorry-ass fake “reason” to want to raise a child.

3) Incest

Opening records might reveal that, while your child’s records were still closed, he or she dated a close relative. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. And it’s SO hard to keep out of the newspapers. What people don’t know can’t hurt them or their inbred children (but what they do know can, somehow).

4) Threat to adoptive parents

Many adoptive parents do seem to feel threatened by the reality that they did not in fact give birth to their adopted children. Opening records would force them to admit there were others before them, and that’s just tacky.

5) Unwanted contact

You don’t want THAT WOMAN showing up on your doorstep, do you?

6) Rape

If records were opened, some adoptees might discover their mother had a damned good reason for never wanting to see them. Can’t have that. Next thing you know you’ll have adoptees believing people who raise their children do so out of love, when the reality is that those who really love their children give them away to the worthy.

7) Emotional attachment

Your child may become emotionally attached TO HIS OR HER OWN PARENTS!!! No no no WRONG WRONG WRONG HORRORS!

8 Private background

See 1).



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4 responses to “Keep’em Closed!

  1. If only we didn’t have pesky things like Facebook and Google to help adoptees get around the whole records thing in the first place…

  2. I KNOW! And would you believe some of them had the temerity to search before there was even an internet?

  3. Von

    Really? These adoptees! Who’d a thunk they had such resoucefulness along with the temerity and single-minded dedication to finding out their identities and who they are! Wanting to be like other people is so not normal!

  4. Don’t be silly, Von. Their forever families provide adopted children with perfectly good identities. That’s why a search is such a major major major major major major major major major [breath] major, major betrayal apologies to Joseph Heller).

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