What WAS This Woman Thinking?!

Shhhh…The spiky urchin is about to employ her spike-ic powers….[squints] Wait…wait…Yes, there it is, I hear her!

“Hmm. My orphan’s not so cute anymore. She’s eight, and people only tell me how great am I for rescuing her every third day or so. I didn’t do this to not get praised, People!  And I’m still paying off the loan for those fees which are totally not buying a child and totally don’t encourage trafficking. Hm. Hmmm. What to do?

“I know, I’ll put a photo of us on Etsy and offer it for sale to complete strangers (who obviously have only the most upright reasons to want a photo of a woman and baby clad only in towels)! Who wouldn’t pay 23 bucks for the privilege of basking in my awesomeness, I mean my child’s awesomeness?”


No, Mommy, no!

Really, lady, WTF? Could this be any less appropriate? I see stuff like this and I’m reminded of Frank Zappa telling the “lame” parents of American their kids would kill them in their sleep one day.



Filed under Colonialism ROCKS!, Those Wacky PAPs, WTF?!

2 responses to “What WAS This Woman Thinking?!

  1. Christina

    I’m trying to figure out what this lady is actually selling? I wouldn’tt be surprised if your spike-ic powers are on the mark!

  2. It really looks/reads like she’s selling the kid, doesn’t it? Creepy.

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