I Am Shocked, Shocked And [snore]

GASP Noooo! How could this happen?

Hariett J at Fugitivus said it more eloquently than I ever could:

If we were talking about, say, tennis shoes, you would not REEL in SHOCK and HORROR to discover that an industry that generates billions of dollars for a product in demand is also full of people who are interested in maximizing that profit by exploiting human beings. Sweatshops? Okay, old hat, everybody knows sweatshops exist, I mean, DUH, companies want to make money! What kind of fantasy world do you live in where companies who want to make money DON’T exploit human beings at every possible opportunity to do so?

IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE PRODUCT IS; a company that funnels tremendous amounts of money is going to exploit human beings to maximize profit. Oh, yes, but not YOUR international adoption agency – they have POLICIES about ethics and they ASSURED YOU that they only trade with authentic orphan products, no baby-selling here. Also, they will ALWAYS be honest with you, because that’s what people who are asking you to sign a check for 30k are, first and foremost: HONEST.

International adoption agencies run a shady fucking business, by definition, even if they mean well. Even if I assume that all people who work for these agencies are truly good-hearted and well-intentioned (and I don’t), there is nothing that is going to go smoothly when your business model is babies and children being traded for a staggering sum of money. There will be lies, there will be deceit, there will be corruption, and then there will be a family that has been brought together with these methods.

Please read the entire post here:

All fucked up

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