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  1. How did I not remember this… I so sorry – I would have linked here if I had. Thanks for commenting. I feel bad now.

  2. Not to worry–I’m just glad to know someone watched it. When I first made it, I put up a link on FB, and it met with dead silence. The vid only has one comment on YouTube IIRC–I thought it had sunk into the internet like a stone that leaves no ripples. (-:

  3. Did you write this piece, T. Laurel Sulfate, Snarkurchin? It is brilliant…and wickedly funny. Oh. Dear. God.

    After Search Talk I browsed around and clicked on a video by Sherrie Eldridge….whose book I happened to order from Amazon this morning. I liked the video a lot, and I look forward to reading “Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew.” Have you read it? I also ordered “The Primal Wound” which Bastardinky recommended, and which I assume you certainly have read. I may come here to discuss as I read…I wish I knew you when I read Betty Jean Lifton last year. Rather than turning to a very smart and funny blogger and her wise commentors, I turned to Edy’s Slow Churned Mint Chip…not my best decision. This time around, I will come here to ask questions and I hope, start to sort the ideas out.

    I hope you are doing great, and that your New Year is off to a very happy start!

    • Yup, I wrote it. (-: Glad you like it! I’d’ve made more, but Xtranormal started charging.

      I like Lifton a lot. It’s been a long time since I read The Primal Wound, so I don’t remember many details. I remember liking Twenty Things OK, but I’m not big on Eldridge in general. She seems eager to throw glitter and Jesus over everything to try and make it better sometimes. But if the book is as I remember it, you could do worse for a starting place. (For instance, I wouldn’t recommend Elizabeth Bartholet to anyone.)

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out there are authors you’ll like overall, those you’ll hate overall, and those you’ll develop a “Take what works, discard rest of book” with.

      And I hope you’re asking other adoptees elsewhere. This tiny blog is far from being Adoptee Central. (-:

  4. Note to Bastardinky: I know you actually suggested “The Primal Wound” for my kids, and I do intend to encourage them to read it…I am just reading it first because a) I’m not sure they’re quite old enough yet…(14 and 11?) and b) I want to be familiar with the ideas, and help them absorb and sort them out…if that is even possible. Thank you again for the recommendation.

  5. Ah, so you are the genius who deserves credit for this! Bravo!

  6. Jes Hartsfield

    You’re my hero, this video is amazing!!! You should do more!!!!!

  7. Heather

    Bravo! Very well done.

  8. rantanna

    oh my, this is fantastic. i would have loved to have seen this when i was searching. I look forward to reading more of your blog. thank you!

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